Would you stack ErgomaxLMG and MDHT...

  1. Would you stack ErgomaxLMG and MDHT...

    If so, how? Why or why not? Lengths of cycle or additions. Maybe some one already has, opinions or comments?

  2. I don't know a ton about LMG but MDHT can be stacked with just about anything. LMG can be a little wet and the MDHT should dry you out some. I usualy run 60-100 mg ed for 4-6 weeks but it is pretty mild so you could probably run it longer without any toxicity issues. It is DHT so your hairline and prostate can be a concern and precautions should be taken especially if you have an affinity for those symptoms already. Stuff really helps my focus/endurance but it effects everyone differantly. Experimentation is fun! Go for it.
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  3. Thanks for the comment, you know that the lmg is DMT, just trying to get a feel for what is right concerning this.

  4. go with phera, its a cleaner/better dmt. the focus is much better as well. i might not be righ though with your body type.

  5. I like the mdht stack with ergo. ergo was wet for me so the mdht would help dry it up some and increase strength even more. bpmartyr has some good dose ranges and cycle lengths. have not run phera yet.



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