Superdrol vs. Halodrol-50 for first cycle

  1. Superdrol vs. Halodrol-50 for first cycle

    Im thinking about a 3 or 4 week SD cycle or a 4 week h-50 cycle. just looking for some opinions. thanks

  2. From what ive read, there both pretty dry compounds, h-50 is probly more androgenic then SD as SD is hardly androgenic at all. The side of H-50 have been said to be less then SD and honestly i didnt care for SD. If it was me id go with H-50.
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  3. If you are trying to bulk, Id go with the SD. If you are trying to gain strength or get cut, Id do the H-50.

  4. i am trying to gain strength and bulk, but since its my first time around i think ill go with the h-50. maybe go for the superdrol later if i feel like trying somethin stronger

  5. I am tempted to do an SD bulk in January, but that stuff is so harsh it worries me.

  6. I loved SD. its still my favorite ph. I did not do well cutting with it though.

  7. i have both the h-50 and sd to. I am kind of stuck in the same situation. I just want to hear some blood work results on the h-50 to see how truly toxic it is to the liver.

  8. i did superdrol 2 years ago for 5 weeks going 20/30/30/40/40 and gained 17 pounds. Used milk thistle. Normal liver enyzmes are 45 at maximum and mine were at 153 after superdrol, after a month though it went back to normal. Superdrol killed my erections on pct. Im gonna start a halodrol clone like hemodrol tomorow for 4 weeks and im gonna add cyclenofil and proviron at week 3 and run it 3 weeks after discontinuaton of hemodrol so that i recover and have no libido erections problems what so ever, hopefully this helped


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