superdrol and blood pressure

  1. superdrol and blood pressure

    In the course of my research on superdrol I'm not seeing much information on what specifically causes it to elavate blood pressure. I'm sure it causes an increase in blood volume. But unlike a substance such as anadrol it causes you to shed water. If I understand how these things work it is usually massive water retention combined with an increase in blood volume that causes significant elevations in bp. Superdrol does not fit this bill.

  2. Since no one has responded to my question, I will expand on it and see if any one responds. I see that people are using either hawthorne berry or celery seed for bp management while on superdrol. Since the bp elevation does not seem to be water retention related I'm wondering if celery seed is the best choice for bp control. Celery seed manages bp by causing your body to shed excess water.

    Hawthorne berry controls bp by causing the coronary blood vessels to dialate. This would seem to be the better choice.

    If I am misunderstanding how these two herbs work please let me know.

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