Log leading up to, and of my next cycle.

  1. Log leading up to, and of my next cycle.

    Ok so most of you guys know, the ones that have been following Ryan's great log, ive stopped my use of M-tren. Not because of sides or any problems but because its what will help me in the long run.

    Ive got a cycle planned probly around the first of the year to start. This is what it will consist of.

    1-10: Test E 500mgs a week
    1-12: Deca 400mgs a week
    10 1/2 or so - 14: Test prop 500-750 mgs a week. ( Depends on how i feel )

    Now i have a couple supps to choose from as far as jumpstarting this cycle. Give me your guys oppinions, now 2 of these have hardly been run but still.

    PheraPlex, Halodrol, M-Tren, and E...Max LMG. I was leaning towards the halodrol to see how it would fair. Only prob id have would be to maybe double dose it? Id respond very little to supps. That might not be the case and id start out at 50mgs and go from there but jus throwin that out there.

    Ive never really done a log but im gonna update it as much as possible.
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  2. Wanted to start a new post because i didnt want that one getting to long.

    As far as PCT goes this is what ill be doing. ( subject to change with opinions and ideas)

    14-18: RXT starts the day after the last injection so i get it into my system. 100-75-50-25
    14-18: Lean Extreme or Reduce XT, 3 caps a day and tapered down.
    14-18: Activate- suggested dose
    14-18: Probly fenugreek or somethin of that sort? Yes no?

    Any ideas as far as PCT goes?

    Stats are as of right now.

    5'8" or so 200-201 lbs. probly 15% bf or so.

    Dont have measurements cept for arms. Will get some if you guys want some. Im really gonna put a lot of time into this log as i feel it will help me.

    Diet: Mostly all clean cept for a cheat meal here n there, mostly one of the weekend days.

    Fats moderate, tryin to take in about 3500 cals or so right now but will try to up that. Protein 275-325 or so. Carbs around 300 or so. Fats maybe like 85gs? Not to sure still need to figure that all out.

    If anyone has any opinions or ideas lemme know im open to anything.
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  3. Ok today has been bad, appetite hasnt felt great, but ill get back on it tomorrow for sure as i dont wanna lose anything ive somewhat gained.

    Anything you guys wanna see from this log?

    Training split is Monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday.

    Mixing it up for the most part, changin it up here n there.
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  4. Dang a brother cant even get a post on here besides himself?

    Havnt been feeling real well and therefore havnt been eating right, still takin the PCT supps n the like. Ill be on PCT for about a week since i was only on for like 9 days.

    I feel so small and non motivated to get to the gym, i guessi just cant wait till my cycle starts. Thats a long ways a way or so it seems.
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