First Cycle: Test, IGF, Slin

  1. First Cycle: Test, IGF, Slin

    I have decided to run my first cycle ever. I have been training for four years and basically looking for mass as this is the hardest thing for me to come by.

    Here is the plan, it is going to be a short cycle but I want to see how I react to it and I want PCT to go quickly due to time constraints.

    Here is the plan:

    Weeks 1-6
    Test Prop. 100mg ED
    Slin (Humalog) * 10iu PWO 3 days a week

    Weeks 2-5
    LR3-IGF1 90mcg ED

    I want to run an AI for the entire 6 weeks as well but I can not make up my mind, Which one has the least impact on cholesterol?

    *I have used slin before and plan to start at 2 iu and ramp it up 1 IU per workout using it only 3 days a week.

    What I am trying to take advantage of is the hyperplasia caused by IGF especially in combination with AAS.

    I am planning on eating atleast 5000 cal a day not sure if I want to add and extra thousand for 6000cal a day. As you can tell I want to make a BIG gain in the six weeks.

    What I am still uncertain about is the PCT, I am wondering what to do. I was thinking of running nolva for three weeks goin 60, 40, 20 along with ATD going 25,50,75mg and tribulus at 3grams a day.

    Will this suffice or what would people suggest?

    Any feedback is really appreciated.

    Also is there any advantage to running the slin in the morning. I keep reading about people doing it and my only worry is that
    it would make me quite fat. However since I have the IGF I was thinking it would not matter.

    I plan to do cardio at least 4 -5 times while on this cycle as I want the gains to be of the leanest. Is this too much for a lean bulker or not?

    Again thanks alot sorry for being so long winded.

  2. i'd go 150 eod on the prop 700mg of prop a week is a TON of test for a first cycle and not necessary

  3. Why do you suggest EOD vs. ED. Aside from comfort I thought ED would keep blood levels more even or does it not matter.

    AS for the 100mg ED vs. 150 EOD, I thought it was high when recomend by a member of another forum but his arguments was I was not using any other Androgens and it was for only 6 weeks. Does this hold any merit and will the results be drastically different if I run 150mg EOD (apx. 75mg ED) vs. 100mgED?
    One last thing is there any point in running the Insulin in the morning as well as PWO? Like 5iu w/ breakfast or will it just add unnecessary BF?


  4. i wouldn't run the insulin in the morning chances are you'll just get fat from it .. stick with PWO

    i suggest eod because its easier ESPECIALLY for your first time using IM injections

    and whoever said 100ed because you are running test only is an idiot

    150eod of prop is PLENTY and will pack a major whallop ... trust me on that .. a first cycle should be always be around 500mg of test a week

    12 weeks of 500mg of test enan is pretty standard .. but you'll get over pinning quickly ... glutes and delts can easily be alternated with eod pinning .. run this for 6-8 weeks begin pct 2-3 days after last shot of prop

  5. Glen is right on with the dose and frequency. Remeber that slin decreases the production on SHBG and cortisol so a little test goes along way. Personally I would save the IGF for now. At Rea has a great article called BIG FAT BASTARD and INSULIN.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  6. If i switch to 150mg EOD should I then extend the cycle to 8 Weeks versus 6 weeks. Also what about HCG should I add that in to this cycle or not?

  7. Why not do two 4 weekers, recovery is easier and you should still make really good gains total.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  8. i prefer 8 weeks of prop personally .. but going to eod from ed isn't going to influence how long you should run the cycle in and of itself

    yes hcg is always good

  9. if it was suspension i'd say 4 weeks is fine .. prop still takes some time to kick in

    plus with hcg on a test only cycle recovery won't be bad at all

  10. i agree with Glen.

    Also keep in mind that IGF increases insulin sensitivity.

    slin on your first run? 90mcg/d IGF? you sound like one of the boys.

    just be safe with that bro.


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