Hey guys, I wnat your feedback and opinions/flames for my short cycle idea. I really like short cycles and wanted to run one with Test prop/Tren ace. I would do 75/75 EOD for 4 - 5 weeks, raising the dose to 100/100 if necessary. I want to do a slight recoimp, lose a little bf and put on maybe 5 solid lbs of lean muscle and increase strength. I am 5'9...180lbs, bf is around 10% (I have a 4 pack and only have fat in my love handles and lower abs, also my waist is about 30.5). I ran a transdermal 3 weekers of test base/tren base and had good results so wanted to do this but i got tired of transdermal applications.

Also, I would run the "oral" pgh during the cycle and pct...pct would consist of Activate, RXT, nolva, fenugreek, maca, and xceed. Also, I will run HCG 250 2 times a week during the cycle. I have the liver,cholesterol, bp supps in check and my diet is also good, I still follow for the most part the diet I had when I trained with Bobo. My workout is 5 X 5 and I like it so far.

Also, I am thinking about running phera-plex at 20mg during the cycle. Please let me know what yall think. I am not looking to put on 20lbs or anything, I want to run a short cycle in which recovery shouldn't be bad at all.