Wanted to give you guys a quick update on this cycle. My receptors are pretty much vergin besides a anotesten run about 4 years ago (did nothing) Started emax 15 days ago. Went 10mg for the first 5 days then bumped up to twenty. I have the usual supporting cast for cholesterol and liver support, and nolva for pct. I'm not big on measurment and weight, I like to go by how I feel and look.
The frst 13 days or so were alright, though I was feeling something, but two days ago the pumps really hit. They feel great in the gym, although the back pumps up very quickly even when just carying dumbells across the gym. so far there has not been too much strength gain, comparable to creatine which I responde well too. I think the strength will begin kicking in soon since the pumps have become so pronounced. I'm not expecting huge strength gains since I have been pretty much plateuting for a while now on a lot of lifts, but I would like to gain a few pounds on my 10-6 rep sets on compound lifts. One thing I should note for anyone thinking about this cycle is keep the hawthorn berry and cellery seed close, especially the celery seed, it has worked wonders for the BP.
I origanily was going to run this for four weeks bumping up to 30 mg th last 5 days (1 bottle), but as long as the sides stay down I may run it to 5 weeks staying at 20mg. Any opinions would be great. Also I was wondering how much taurine I should take pre wo for the back pumps. I feel so strange cause I am eating so many pills a day.
Any comment or questions would be great!