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    i was hopeing someone would give me their 0.02 on my bulking stack for next winter,as i'm in the land of the long white cloud {nz} currently summer or supposed to be anyway...
    Wanna get everything sorted first.There are no good supps stores ova here. U guys are lucky.
    Been lifting for bout 5 years tried sd once its worked great
    so i,ll definetly use it again.
    171 p
    5 7"
    14% bf
    Anyway here it is.
    Phera plex,superdrol,prostanozol
    Pct- rebound xt,
    ultra hotter

    1-2 20mg pp
    2-4 30mg pp 10mg sd
    4-6 30mg pp 20mg sd50mg prostan
    6-8 30mg sd 25mg prostan
    8-10 75mg rxt 25mg prostan
    10-11 50mg rxt
    11-13 25mg rxt

    I,ll also be taking
    sesathin,flax seed oil,green tea and a multi vit,and some type of liver fortifier too.

    Any info would be much appreciated I'll keep a log too if anyone interested. CHUR

  2. Why do you have prostan in your pct weeks 8-10?

  3. Typo.. suposed to be on prostan weeks 2-8.

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