Winstrol / Superdrol cyc ????

  1. Winstrol / Superdrol cyc ????

    Hey everyone.... well here is what im looking to do..... im
    24 and have been lifting for a while. my frame is about where i want it to be, but i need to cut up prety bad.... my buddy told me to do a straight winny cycle but i havent heard of this so since i have some left over SD i was thinking of throwing it in the mix... any suggestions??? comments???
    also, how would i put together my cycle (this will be my first real AS cycle other than doing just a SD cycle) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey bro.

    The general advice is something like 2 or more bulking cycles before you go on a cutting cycle.

    My advice to you is if you want to cut, I'd look into improving my diet and then possibly trying Melting Point or something.

    Oh, and Winstrol and Superdrol are both methylated. Not a good idea to cycle only these 2 compounds at the same time.

  3. Your buddy is an idiot for suggesting a "winny-only" cycle, do not take any advice about using steroids from him, you'll probably harm yourself.

    Testosterone @ 500mg/wk is a good beginning cycle.

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