Weeks -1 to 13: Milk Thistle

Weeks 1-4 : ALRI Methoxy-TRN
Weeks 5-8 : MAX LMG
Weeks 9-12: Superdrol
Weeks 13-19: PCT w/Nolva, Clomid, maybe IGF-1, ATD and Activate, we'll see. I'm just planning at this point.

Will use celery seed, potassium and ralox all through.

The idea is that Max LMG isn't methylated so it might give my liver the kind of break it needs for me to be safe going into 12 weeks. Or maybe this would be just too risky? Of course, a great unknown is the TRN.

Also, I'm not stacking because I prefer slow and steady to blowing up suddenly and keeping half that.

But what do you guys think? Would it be much better to do...

Weeks -1 to 24: Milk Thistle

Weeks 1-4 : ALRI Methoxy-TRN
Weeks 5-8 : PCT
Weeks 9-12: MAX LMG
Weeks 13-16: PCT
Weeks 17-20: Superdrol
Weeks 20-26: PCT
Weeks 26-40: No cycles, gotta rest this body.

Has anyone done this? Does this provide good results? I don't mean these exact supps, but the general structure?