IGFlr3, PGF2a, T3 cutter

  1. Talking IGFlr3, PGF2a, T3 cutter

    Hey fellas,

    Im thinking about putting a cutting cycle together(lr3, pgf2a trans, and T3) and wanted to get some feedback.

    I am still working on the dosing, schedule, training, diet etc...Just wanted to see what you guys think.

    It sounds like a fun cycle. Im just worried about possible bad interactions and considering the cost if it is even worth it.

    Im just sick of cutting on Methyls...

  2. Thanks for all the great feed back guys

  3. Looks good, although some androgens would be a good addition. If you don't want to methyl, there's finigenx, MAX LMG and Prostanozol.

    Hm, stacking the 3 would provide an incredible anabolic drive without any methylation. But seriously, if you don't want too much androgen, I would run Prostanozol or Orastan-E at about 75mg ED with that. Just to make sure your T3 doens't steal your muscle. OTOH it depends on your dosage, what type of IGF-1, etc.

  4. Thanks for the feedback...

    I keep going back and forth on MR's lr3(pinning) and Oratropin1. Im just waiting to get some more feedback on oratropin.

    I still working on making my own dermal for the pgf2a. Will prolly go
    with TLR even though the price is through the roof.

    As far as the T3 and muscle loss I would think the lr3/pgf2a with keeping the diet around maintence should be enough to counteract any muscle loss?

    Overall I dont mind losing a few pds of muscle. Just wanna drop about 40 pds.

  5. Hey bro did you end up doing this or what?

  6. No decided just to do a dicana igflr3 pheraplex recomp thingy...Decided against the pgf2a...too pricey and too much hassle making a dermal. Lost about an inch and a half off the waist and had some good strength gains.


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