Cut cycle.. M1T/4AD//PP/Trimax/Hexatropin

  1. Cut cycle.. M1T/4AD//PP/Trimax/Hexatropin

    The cycle.

    Week 1: M1T 10mg - 320mg trans 4AD
    4mg Trimax
    Week 2: Phera-Plex 20mg - 320 mg trans 4AD - 4mg Trimax
    Week 3: Phera Plex 20mg - 4mg Trimax
    Week 4: Rebound XT, Lean Xtreme
    Week 5: Rebound XT, Lean Xtreme
    Week 6: Rebound XT, Lean Xtreme

    Hexatropin-6 Run through the entire cycle and PCT

    Was just going to do PP for 3 weeks but the shipping is slow. If it dosent come until the end of the second week i will just stop and go through PCT.

    Goals: Cut 10-15lbs of fat. Gain Strength. (like to gain some serious strength on bench and shoulder press)

    Measurements will be taken before and after

    Cardio will be 45mins per day on lifting days and 1 hour on non lifting days.
    With 1 day off everything per week.

    Diet will be 2400 cals on a 40-40-20

    Lifting will be 4 days per week.. still need to figure out split.

    I need to lose weight so i can fight at a lower weight class, I really need to be at 195lbs, and im probably around 205-208 right now.

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

  2. Day 1:
    Took first dose hexa this morning, had weird dreams for a coiuple hours after i took it.

    Felt pumped all day, noticed quick gastric emptying. this stuff hits fast.

    Hit first m1t dose last night..
    Will do first trimax dose tonight.

    Tommorow i will do cardio. lifting begins again monday.

  3. Day 2:
    Going to do cardio in a few.. nothing huge to report so far.
    Lifting on monday, should see some nice strength increases.

    Will do measurments tommorow morning, i think ill just track bicep and waist.

  4. Day 3

    Leg/Tricep day
    Had a strong squat session, then after the workout 30 mins elliptical

    Im definately noticing an increased heartrate from the trimax already.. Huge difference while doing cardio. I need to work way less to keep my heartrate at 65%
    It almost feels like im not even working... its weird to say the least.

    Hexatropin tastes like ****.. there i said it.

    Feeling pretty hypo a couple times today, trimax and m1t really suck the glucose from the blood..

    Seriously, my resting heartrate is 100bpm.. thats a good 20 over my normal..

    I hope Phera plex gets here soon.. M1t really is harsh
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  5. Coming down with a bit of a cold, last time i took M1T i got the same thing. Started hitting some cold fx, hopefully the runny nose takes a hike.

    Had a good workout today, followed by 30 mins on the elliptical.
    Woke up later than normal, and ran out of egg whites yesterday, so diet was a bit different today, but cals should be close to the same. around 2500.

    Weight is unchanged, but im noticiing some obvious water retention in facial area and stomach.

  6. Day 4:
    Today was something of a day off, i didnt lift, and it was day 5 on hexatropin, so the next 2 days are my off days.

    For having been on m1t and trimax for almost a week now im suspicious of the fact that i dont feel very bad. Maybe its the addition of 4ad..

    I just remember the stories of the bunk higher power M1T (im using Hp m1t)
    I hope i dont have a batch.
    Damn i wish my phera plex would come in.. i assume customs stole it.

    Looking kindof moon faced.. bleh

    Sticking to the diet, my appetite is actually pretty non issue right now, its weird cause ill eat a small meal, but it will fill me up for hours.. its kinda weird

  7. Day 5:

    God i hate M1T.. weighing in like 215.
    Upped the dose of trimax to 6mgED, 1 cap morning, 2 at night.

    Im looking big. Back today, then hopefully like an hour of cardio

  8. So you went with trimax, i am so suprised you have no issues with lethargy. Please tell me you are taking coq10, and policosinol, or hawthorne, or even some efa's? That will help with the bp issues. Higher power was always good to me !!!gained 15lbs of it, with no research but i have learned.

  9. Taking lots of EFA's, During PCT i will add some ALA for liver. But my heart is in pretty good shape i think (i do tons of cardio, and am in really good cardiovascular conditioning)

    Im very suprised at lack of lethargy as well, because i heard hexa makes you lethargic as well, so basically im on 3 compounds that should make you want to fall into a coma, but i feel pretty darn good.

    I felt the higher dose of trimax last night, i ended up throwing off the blankets even though it was cold in the house.

    Im assuming the 4AD is having the counter lethargy effect, i cant really attribute it to anything else. But im definately bloating up because of it. Which really sucks, because its hard to tell the recomp effect im getting when there is a layer of water over everything.

    I have heard celery seed extract helps with the elevated blood pressure, if it gets unbearable i will get some, its just that i already spent my monthly allotment on supps and dont wanna go over budget (wish me luck)

    Had a really good back workout today, felt very strong on deads and i havent done them regularly in a while.
    Pullups went very well, squeezed out a couple more reps.

    40 mins of cardio after lifting.

  10. Day 9:

    Cut the 4AD yesterday because i was tired of being bloated and not seeing any progress.

    Im not sure what the deal is, i have been doing a ton of cardio, following a low calorie diet, lifting hard.. and i have gained like 10lbs

  11. Day 11:

    The brass tax.. not sure what im doing wrong with this one.. maybe just taking in too many cals, maybe its all water and im freaking out, but my intent on this cut was to LOSE weight, not gain it.

    Because i have royally ****ed this up, there is no way in hell im going to make the 183lbs im going to need to weigh in at nov26.

    Since im already shut down, and that ****ing pheraplex STILL hasent come in (with the bottle of rebound for PCT)
    i have decided to extend the cycle, i have a couple bottles of s1+ that i will start on saturday.

    Diet, training and cardio will all remain the same, the goal is the same, just now over a longer period of time.

    Also, i cant even train cause my nose is messed from my last fight, even when i wrestle it starts to bleed.

    ALso, i will be taking a break from the hexatropin, and doing the last 2 weeks at the start of my PCT.

  12. Ok

    Pheraplex, rebound, and HEAT all came in thursday. So i switched from M1T to PP, and will do 4 weeks of PP. I will do another week or 2 of trimax at 4mg per day. Taking HEAT offset the bad sides from the hexatropin, so i will continue it until i run out.

    The appetite stimulation from hexa is very intense, if i was bulking i would love to use this shiz.

    Time to salvage the cutting cycle

    Put up another 20lbs on deadlift yesterday and got a couple more pullups. Chest and tri tommorow.

  13. Out of curiousity, why so many compounds in something as simple as a cutting cycle?
    The point to running exogenous hormones while cutting is just to aid in LBM retention. That can be done with one single compound, at a relatively low dosage. Am I missing something here? Or were ya just bored and had too much $$? I'm not disrespecting you. I love overkill with my supps, for sure. Just curious that's all.

  14. You hit it right on the button, i like overkill, and had a bunch of stuff lying around for use

    Im really feeling the Phera Plex, this stuff is for REAL. Like 4 days in and i am getting mad pumps, leaning out like a motha, and basically looking and feeling huge.

    I dont know if the M1T was bunk, or the lethargy was making it so i didnt want to workout (which it was) but im getting more strength gains from phera plex than i was from M1T.

    And yeah, leaning out fast! Im liking this stuff for shizzle. Im liking HEAT as well, not much in the way of stimulation, but killer appetite suppression.

    The hexa and trimax is still making it a bitch to get out of bed in the morning, especially now that im working 40+ hours a week on top of training..

    Im down from 220 back to around 215
    but looking much leaner all over, my shoulders and collarbones/upper chest are really starting to get lean.

  15. Phera Is the ****, and i am testing Basic Cuts let me tell you leaness will come, i will be taking pics to day to post, and i can't wait for the end of my cycle to post those after pics, its going to be like cybergenics baby !!! no for real though Pherplex does its job, and i know Basic is working stay tuned and check out my Basic Cuts log.

  16. Looking foreward to it!

    Im down to 209 today!! holy crap im losing weight fast now.

    Put up another 10lbs on squats today, felt invincible! Another couple reps on bicep curls.

    Now that i am working, the routine is helping keep my diet in check, not that it was bad before, just when i have lots of time on my hands i like to cheat a little more than normal

    Phera plex has me very impressed, damn i still got more than 3 weeks to go, im excited to see what im gonna end up at!

    If i can end this cycle at a lean 195 ill be a very happy man.

  17. Ok week 5 on

    Weight still 209-210
    Not sure what the deal is, i do cardio, diet is good, on trimax.. weight still not dropping

    On the plus side i have leaned out considerably, and gained lots of strength and size. My shoulders, arms and legs are looking very lean and vascular (in comparison to previous)
    I really want to lose the last bit on my belly though, and it would be nice to actually lose some weight.

    Now that im off hexatropin, workouts have gotten way better, that stuff is seriously lethargy inducing, although im sure trimax made it worse

    I will have the rest of this week on pheraplex and trimax, and cut the trimax off on saturday and go 1 more week of just phera plex

    At the end of cycle i will put total strength gains, and some before after photos

  18. End Of Cycle Thoughts.

    Well i have 1 day left on phera plex, and have been off trimax for about a week.
    Im dissapointed that i didnt lose any scale weight, but im damn impressed with the way i look!

    I have lost a considerable amount of fat, and gained a considerable amount of muscle.
    Im way more vascular all over, my girlfreind said today that she could see my pulse through a throbbing vein in my neck today

    Big strength increases all over the board. I will post end numbers up tommorow maybe.

    I wish i hadent stopped updating this, but i didnt have internet access again until recently.

    Started taking NAC at 1.5g a day as liver rehab. and will take for 1 month starting last week.
    Started taking fenugreek, and will ramp that up 1.5-2-2.5-3g over the next 4 weeks.

    Taking lots of EPA and DHA everyday for heart.

    Have about a couple weeks worth of Lean Xtreme, and 3 days of Rebound at 3-2-1 dosing.

    Also starting CEX, and have never taken a CEE product, so im pretty stoked to be taking that.

    Very good cycle, i felt invincible all throughout, and good gains everywhere.
    Just got back to the martial arts yesterday, wow im more athletic that i was.. stronger and faster.. im lovin it!

    Have a amateur tournament next weekend, and i should be in decent shape for it, ill update how i do.

    Pheraplex is good ****. Im looking foreward to getting more!

    Will post some before after pics!

  19. Just a quick update, havent had a whole lot of time to do so..Had to take a week or so off lifting to prep for a grappling tourney.Went back in the gym today for the first time since starting PCT basically, and man this CEE stuff is the REAL deal!Was super pumped today, and had expected to LOSE strength, but i went up in reps in a few excersises!Anyways, pct going well, unfortunately being on creatine made me gain weight and smooth over, so i dont look as lean as at the end of cycle, but whatever, diet is well, libido hasent dropped since on cycle.


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