help cutting

  1. help cutting

    I just recently finnished my cycle of masterdrol stacked with m1p. The results were great. I gained the muscled weight i wanted to and was real pleased. For pct i have been taking milkthistle and 6 oxo. I have been pct for roughly 10 days. i want to cut all the fat i have and i was wondering besides running on the treadmill is there something i can take and if so can i take it so soon after my cycle. I need advise on this because i suck when it comes to dieting. I dont know anything about dieting which is pretty sad. My main focus this whole time was stacking on weight and muscle, and hardly never cutting fat. Please help me put a diet together.

  2. ur PCT could have been thought out better... but oh well you didn't reserach. Anyways, right now is when you should be getting in as many clean calories as possible so you can keep the muscle you gained instead of it just disapearing during PCT because of your low natural testosterone levels at present. Worry about cutting later.

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