I finally recieved my 90 capsule bottle of SD and im planning on starting my 10/20/20 cycle on Monday (with rebound XT and milk thistle for PCT) and i was wondering what wirkout plan would be better. And if its ok to take off saturday and sunday.
Monday - A)Chest/Back_______B)Chest/tri's
Tuesday - A)shoulder _______B)Back/Bi's
Wednesday - A)Bi's/Tri's _______B)Shoulders
Thursday - A)Legs _______B)Legs
Friday - A)Chest/Back_______B)Bi's/Tri's

And i would throw cardio and abs in whenever i have time, about 3x/week.
I have been doing A for the past 2 months and i just changed to B but i feel lazy when i take off saturday and sunday. Any suggestions for getting the most out of the SD cycle.