Melanotan II 10 Day Cycle

  1. Melanotan II 10 Day Cycle

    Note: I am not a bodybuilder. I used to lift weights avidly, but after sustaining a bicep tear while jumping out of an airplane in the Army I have been unable to lift. Should be able to lift again in 2 months.

    This is my first time ever injecting anything into myself. I ordered the MT II from a Chinese peptide company. It was shipped overnight with a cold pack. I am doing 10 mg over 10 days, 1 mg ED. I am very light skinner and I am just looking to notice a difference. If I see results I will likely buy a large quantity around Febuary to get tan for Spring Break, as well as sell some on the side.

    With that said, here we go!

    DAY 1

  2. DAY 1 RESULTS: Nothing as far as skin color goes, but I did have hard ons off and on all day. I used a low dosage so my sides are pretty negligable. I did not have any kind of nausea, probably because I have no anxiety to needles.

  3. DAY 2 RESULTS: I've had a hard on for the last 2 hours. Nothing else yet.

  4. What dose? Do you have a girlfriend?
    My The 1 LOG:

  5. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    What dose? Do you have a girlfriend?
    1 mg ED. Not anymore, which sucks when you have a hard on all afternoon.

  6. DAY 3: Sides are very pronounced, but no visible results yet. Nearly complete loss of appetite, as I had to force feed myself breakfast and lunch. Slight nausea after eating and a boner that will NOT go away. I was sitting next to a decent looking girl in my physics class (no, really), and as an attempt to hide it (didn't want to risk the tuck, that's just obvious) I slid the end of my notepad off my desk. As I was writing fast toward the end of lecture, I actually wrote on my notepad being propped up by my ****. I was laughing to myself, but thankfully didn't draw too much attention.

  7. DAY 4: Same ****!

  8. You hid your boner under your notebook again?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by g4ud1n
    You hid your boner under your notebook again?
    Only had 1 hr of class yesterday. Same sides, no results apparent yet. I guess it might be interesting to see how my body responds to getting sunburned at the UT-CO game today.

  10. DAY 7: I'm pretty sure I see a difference now. Will take a picture tomorrow.

  11. bump, How's it going?

  12. I got real busy towards the end of my cycle. 10 mg of MT2, by itself, really didn't do much for me. I had lots of sun exposure to my face and arms over my cycle, and especially at a football game (including tailgating all day) where the sun was very bright, I was noticably much less sunburned than I normally would have been. I may give another cycle a shot starting around mid Febuary going 1.5 mg a day for 20-30 days.

  13. did u notice an increase in moles?


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