Need Cycle Advice - SD/T3/Clen

  1. Question Need Cycle Advice - SD/T3/Clen

    Well, I've been lurking here for a long time. I normally just read as much as I can and then try and make my own decisions, but today I feel like asking for advice.

    Here is the plan, please feel free to jump in with any advice.
    I'm 6'5" and right now I'm weighing in at a fat ass 258 lbs. Ultimate goal right now is fat loss. I was training very hard at the beginning of this year, but the last few months, work and a new baby got in the way.
    Original plan:
    Low Carb Diet for the month of October. Already in progress. So far I've dropped to 258 from 271 since October 3rd. I've done low carb before, and for my body, I can normally drop 20 lbs in a month, with the majority of the weight coming off in the first 2 weeks.
    So after week 2 I had planned on running a T3/Clen cycle from October 14th through the 30th. Quick ramp up to around 100 mcl 125 mcl, depending on if you believe the Lions pumps are 20 mcl or 25 mcls a pump.
    And then staring in November I was going to go back to a 40p 20c 20f diet and start a SD cycle.
    Reason being, is that since I've been out of gym for awhile. I don't feel like there is really much muscle for me to loose by running T3 with no androgen support.
    Reason two, is that I've run a dry SD cycle before, and that stuff really works for me. It was pretty easy to put on 5-10lbs of lean muscle. Where-as loosing 5-10lbs of fat has NEVER been easy for me. I'm thinking I should get down to around 230lbs before starting a clean bulk cycle.
    Then the other part of me is craving the SD now. I'm actually thinking I should maybe start a 20mg a day cycle today through the 30th, and start the T3/Clen next week as planned.

    What do you guys think?
    Right now my diet is:
    2 eggs, 2 sausage
    Snack 1:
    All the Whey Shake, 1 scoop
    1/2 lbs beef brisket with a teaspoon of low carb bbq sauce
    Snack 2:
    All the Whey Shake, 1 scoop
    Detonate's Famous Meat mush consisting of 1 lbs of ground beef browned in a pan with lite salt and pepper. Then smothered in some Heinz 1 carb Ketchup.
    Snack 3:
    All the Whey Shake, 1 scoop
    On average I'm taking in about:
    260 grams of protein
    50-60 grams of fat
    15 grams of carbs
    I plan on doing this all through October.
    Run 2 miles in the morning, leg workout afternoon
    Run 2 miles in the morning, chest workout afternoon
    Run 2 miles in the morning, back workout afternoon
    Run 2 miles in the morning, shoulders workout afternoon
    Run 2 miles in the morning, arms workout afternoon
    Sat/Sun - Off days

    I haven't really been working out my abs, mainly because I can't see my friggin abs!!!
    Although this running 2 miles everyday stuff is getting harder and harder. I'm feeling obviously over trained in the cardio department. So I've been thinking about just running Mon/Wed/Fri and doing Abs in the morning on Tues/Thurs

    Supplements I've been taking:
    R-ALA 3 times per day
    L-Carnatine 3 times per day
    CLA - 3 times per day
    Fish Oil - 3 times per day
    One a day Men's Multivitamin - once a day
    Xendrine EFX - Twice a day (mainly as a energy boost before my run, and to keep my carbless body alive at work. And also because my wife bought like 10 bottles of this **** a year ago, and it's still not used up! LOL)
    Caffeine - Pre run
    Aspirin - 2 in the morning, 2 before bed. Helps with the carb headaches.

    Thoughts on improvements? Should I wait on the SD, or just go for it now? Maybe push the T3/Clen back to after I finish the "no carb" portion of my diet?

    Also, In my drawer of goodness I have the following, if you think I should incorporate it:
    4AD - Caps and Transdermal
    E-max LMG

    Does anyone know if the SD from Desinger Supps is the same as SD from Anabolic Xtreme?

  2. Not sure on the sides but i know u can run benadryl with the clen so u can run it longer than 14 days. Otherwise ur beta-2 receptors close off and the clen is worthless past the two week mark. Maybe someone can give more feedback on this method

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