Superdro/prop cycle

  1. Superdro/prop cycle

    I am planning on starting a superdrol/prop cycle but need
    some advise. First off I want to know if this would be an
    affective cycle for a clean bulk. Second I want to know
    how you would run this cycle yourself? I plan to run it like
    Weeks 1-6 test prop @ 150mg eod
    Weeks 3-6 suerdrol @ 10/20/20/20

  2. Damn, i see why everyone is on! BUMP! BUMP!BUMP! any replys?

  3. Diet determines if it's a "Clean bulk"

    We really need more information about yourself... height, weight, cycle/training history, etc.. to give a good deal of advice.

    Do you know about PCT?

    Ancillary supps for liver/cholesterol/blood pressure would be a good idea.

  4. Sure will do lemme tell you all the works. Im 22, 6ft2, 190lbs.
    I just finished a 1ad/4ad cycle 2 weeks ago and am on pct for
    that right now. I plan to start next cycle in january. I already
    have these supplents and plan to get a few more.
    I have: Milk thistle, red yeast rice, hawthorn berries, saw
    palmetto, fenugreek, superdrol, 4000mg test prop, nolva, and
    clomid. My regualar supplements i take already are Cytogainer,
    miltivitimen, creatine, and arginine(will discontinure for cycle, increases
    lower back pumps). My current diet is about 4000-4500 not so clean
    calories. I plan to keep my calorie intake the same but lower the carbs
    as I probably have about 500g carbs a day 100g of these from sugar.

    I still need to get the needles and syringes for the cycle and
    some injectible b-12. I am a bit nerves about the whole stickin
    myself with a needle thing. I will have to do it myself because I
    dont have any workout buddies, other than that im alright. I suppose
    I trust myself better than other people though. I hope to get some good
    advise on this if i can.

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