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  1. when would be the best time to run the dhea? You're using 400 mg a day, is that all at once or spread out. I have a bottle of 200 mg pills so i could like run two a day? Also are there any sides associated with dhea that i should be worried about? Also how much rebount xt should i run with it assuming i run 400 mg?

    Just a little info...i'm 20 so i dont want to try any real gear yet. Would the dhea adversely effect me in anyway

  2. If you are only 20 I'd advice you to concentrate on your diet and forget about all these supplements and you'll get great results, since your natural test higher than any DHEA or rxt can give you.

  3. so the dhea wouldnt just boost my T that much higher?

  4. No, not really, it works great for older people who's got very low test.


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