Trans DHEA + Rxt

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  1. T-gel, but if you have penetrate it'll work just as good, I think Stryder has it on sale.

  2. Hows the gyno reduction going, any progress?

  3. It's 90% gone, I stopped rxt because my joint hurting and I have t-gel for just few more days, but I'm going to run nolva at 20mg for month or so.

  4. i dont know if you guys have heard of x-factor or not but right now im running an x-factor cycle and wanted to throw some dhea or something like that in the mix to kick it up a notch. I want to use something like superdrol but that requires many liver support supps that would counter act with the x-factor. So would running dhea and rebount xt work together w/o aromatizing? i heard dhea along with a atd won't aromatize into estrogen. Here is my current stack

    green bulge
    white blood
    scivation xtend
    chromium picolinate
    whey protein

    what i would like to do....
    all of the above + dhea and rebound xt. is this a viable option and would i need any kind of assuming not correct?

  5. I know nothing about x-factor, but DHEA + Rxt you don't need pct. and you are right about estrogen.

  6. when would be the best time to run the dhea? You're using 400 mg a day, is that all at once or spread out. I have a bottle of 200 mg pills so i could like run two a day? Also are there any sides associated with dhea that i should be worried about? Also how much rebount xt should i run with it assuming i run 400 mg?

    Just a little info...i'm 20 so i dont want to try any real gear yet. Would the dhea adversely effect me in anyway

  7. If you are only 20 I'd advice you to concentrate on your diet and forget about all these supplements and you'll get great results, since your natural test higher than any DHEA or rxt can give you.

  8. so the dhea wouldnt just boost my T that much higher?

  9. No, not really, it works great for older people who's got very low test.


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