My post cycle...

  1. My post cycle...

    Well I am down 7 lbs.. Alll water but I look leaner. Obviously... Peed it all out Sunday and Monday... It was awsome.. hehehe.. i am Now 190 in the morning.... Thats cool. I am starting to cut now and will most likely get to 180... Then a Cutting cycle in mid may.. hehehe. talk to ya..
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  2. Bye-bye 200. Keep cals high bro. Also, what's your post cycle look like?

  3. Taking nolva 40mg/day for the first week then down to 20mg/day and ZMA at night trib in the morning and now an eca stack.... I look way better now that I lost all that water.... hehehe. Now i have cut out some cals.. I think i will get to 180 cutting before my spring cycle .. I will be 185 ripped for summer if it kills me.. i have no problem with cutting I just cut out the junk food that i eat and with the eca stack it severely curbs my appetite... So there you go.. Talk to ya...
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  4. Cutting cals already. Better to wait 3-4 weeks, no?

  5. While taking the eca I can't eat near as much... I should be able to hold this weight for a acouple more weeks... Talk to ya..
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