Help Choosing Next Cycle Please

  1. Lightbulb Help Choosing Next Cycle Please

    Hi all...

    Well the times come again to ask you all for some advice.

    I finished my last cycle of Max LGM/ Prostanozol with quite pleasing results, 11lbs of lean mass and it seems to be staying put!

    Im trying to figure out what my next cycle can be and this is where Im asking for a bit of help.

    For personal reasons its IMPERATIVE that whatever I choose cant be too detrimental on the liver (hence my last choice.)

    I was planning on 1-AD/4-AD but for love nor money cant get hold of any over here in the UK. (pms welcome )

    My options seems quite a bit limited, Superdrol, e Max etc are out the question… Any suggestions or ideas?

  2. i'm looking to start my next cycle in october and i was thinking about either doing 3 weeks of phera-plex followered by 3 weeks of superdrol but i have a feeling my liver wont be to happy with i might be considering doing phera-plex stacked with orastan-e or superdrol stacked with orastan-e. hope that helps you some

  3. If your worried about your liver just keep the cycle with the methyl short 3-4 weeks & if your really worried run liver protection throughout. Also orestan-e is the exact same as prostanozol. If your really worried about your liver/already have problems def do not run methyls for 6 weeks. I ran SD for 3 weeks and put on 13lbs. Short and simple

  4. BIG thanks for your help...

    Im trying to keep away from meythyls supps - bit like Max LGM/ Prostanozol but ths really isnt leaving me with much, if any options.

    I always run liver protection.... Its a shame I can get any 4-AD/1-AD, the more I read about it the more I like it.

    Designer Supps are suppose to bring out a new non meythls supp but they havent got a date yet.

  5. ya.... i'm waiting for that big break through in non methy hormone that DS or anabolic xtreme said something about.

  6. Can anybody else help out here or got any suggestions?

  7. tren by american cellular labs 4- 8 weeks for solid gains non methyl but still kick ass.....
    get estro and an AI for post cycle for 4 weeks

  8. Good god this thread is 2 years old..... why resurrect it?


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