starting monday

  1. starting monday

    1 sd @ 20mg / 4ad @ 300mg
    2 sd @ 20mg / 4ad @ 300mg
    3 sd @ 20mg / 4ad @ 300mg
    4 sd @ 30mg / 4ad @ 300mg
    5 sd @ 30mg / 4ad @ 300mg

    perfect cycle
    flax seed oil
    multi vitamin

    perfect cycle
    xc4 (creatine)
    nitrice suspension (NO)
    multi vitamin
    flax seed oil

    you guys think i should add or change anything?

  2. thoughts?

  3. why aspirin. Don't know what perfect cycle is but where is RYR, coq10, hawth. berry, celery seed, ol garlic, milk thistle, nac, ala. Missing alot of important stuff. WHy are you running 5 weeks? Have you gotten bloodwork? Not being a dick but you are missing alot of stuff here and have other unimportant things added. Why zma while on, why an AI and a serm, stick with one or the other and again why aspirin?

  4. perfect cycle is milk thistle, apsrin to thin out blood, zma at night with my casein shake

  5. take celery seed or hawthorne berry for BP and taurine and or bananas to help with pump
    I personally still think you need more antiox/detox supps and cholesterol supps. Why zma? I undertand that you take zma at night but why, while on.


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