E...Max LMG

  1. E...Max LMG

    WEEK 1 - 4 -- E...Max LMG @ 20 mg a day
    WEEK 3 - 8 -- Prostanozol @ 75 mg a day

    only on day 2 of week #2. i have been taking my
    E...Max LMG at 10mg in the am and 10mg in the pm.
    is this OK or should i take the full dosage at once.
    and what about when i start my Prostanozol. should
    that be 3 dosages?

    thanks for the input.

  2. Did you ever run this cycle?

  3. i am currently on it. i changed it up a little.

    weeks 1 - 6 E...Max LMG @ 50mg
    weeks 3 - 8 Prostanozol @ 75mg

    i am currently on week 6. the only negative side effect that i had was 1 night of knee dropping back pumps. it probably wouldn't have been that bad had i not been painting all day going from low (kneeling) to high (standing). as far as the positives, the weight scale hasn't changed much, but the mirror tells me differently. i can defenitely see that i am on the right track. my strength has gone up, but that wasn't my main concern seeing as how i was trying to lean out. however, on some of my workouts i did have extra energy and pushed it failure at 6 reps but for the most part my reps were strict and started around 12 and tapered off at 9. In my opinion, the stack is working for me, BUT, had i not been on as clean a diet as i have been i would not be responding to your question with such confidence. i miss my whopper at burger king, but the mirror soothes my appetite for a whopper.

  4. IMO, if you are on e-max, 20-30mg is appropriate. 50 is overboard. Stack is good, to be sure, although I found I could go to at least 150mg/day of prostanozol (if I could afford it!).

  5. Hey 50 mgs is alot!!! its no wonder you are having serious back pumps, for those use taurine, and plenty of water, are you using any on cycle stuff like red rice, policosinol, coQ10 milk thistle?

  6. OOPS, TYPO.

    i am only using 20mg. i take 10mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM. i was looking at the Prostanozol bottle as i was typing, and they are 25mg a pill.

    currently i am averaging about 1 1/2 gallons of water a day and yes i am taking my RYR, pro liver, hawthorne berry, coQ10, & milk thistle. i was saving the policosinol for my PCT.

  7. I am glad it was a typo, just wanted to be sure, cant have people mega dosin, and not showing concern. last cycle on emax i took no oncycle supps like coq and others, i felt my bp rising, and back pumps. now on pp 30mg, i take poli, coq10, taurine, carb dynamax and liver renew, no sides. Research is golden.


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