Anabolically Xtreme Cycle - PP/Prostan/1AD/4AD/m14add

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  1. Anabolically Xtreme Cycle - PP/Prostan/1AD/4AD/m14add

    Age: 24

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5ft 9

    Weight: 228lbs

    BF: ~16.5 - 17

    Body : Meso-endo


    Neck: 18.2
    Chest: 44.5
    Bi unflexed: 17.3
    Bi flexed: ~18
    Waist: 34
    Quads: 28.7

    Prohormone/Steroid use:
    M1T, M5AA, 1AD,4AD, MOHN, 1-T.

    Thermos and uncouplers:


    Cell Volumisers

    Green Bulge/White Blood
    CreEthyl Thunder/NitroEvol.
    SAN v12
    CEE from BN
    NOS Ether etc.

    Training and Experience:
    As you can see in the pictures, I started off as a weak fatty, 246 lbs @ 40% bf. Went down to around 138lbs at a low bf, left with no strength and virtually no resistance.
    Training seriously for around three years now. Just had a very productive one month with Controlled Labs WB/GB stack. Currently enjoying the Nitroevolution product from Omega. I gained 20lbs, no anabolics, just food . ~2% increase in bf but solid strength gains and some pr's.

    5 day workout split

    Day 1: Chest/ Tris
    Day 2: Legs- Glutes and Quads
    Day 3: Shoulders/ Neck/ Bi's
    Day 4: Off
    Day 5: Back- Lower/ Some Lats/ Traps
    Day 6: Legs- Calves/ Hams / Abs
    Day 7: Off

    Then and now****235620****235621

    Bulking is going good, a Fatboy ,I am going to bulk as clean as I can , try to watch the macros. Throw in some swimming etc.

    Main Supplements:

    AX- Pheraplex

    ??- 1AD
    Ergopharm- 4AD
    DS-m 1 4 ADD

    Accessory Supps:
    AX-Perfect Cycle
    Saw Palmetto
    Spiro and Nizoral Blue
    Vitamin B complex
    b-12 amps
    Celery Seed extract/Odorless Garlic
    Turmeric Extract
    Flax Seed oil

    Omega Sports- Nitro Evolution
    Controlled Labs - Green Bulge
    BN CEE
    Isopure Carb Free Post WO
    Plenty of antioxidants
    Vit C ed 4g
    Zinc ed 50mg
    Ginko Biloba
    Glycerol Monohydrate from NOW
    Joint support

    Current calorics:

    My calorics were up to 6000-7000. Now back to a normal 3500 ish. Through this cycle I will be aiming at 5000cals and will up the dosage to 6000 cals towards the end.

    6 meals to begin, 8 after week 3. Looking at smaller denser meals with complex carbs before workouts.
    Water intake hopefully shld be 2-3 gallons.

    Macro Split: 45C 40P 15F

    Lean beef
    Peanut Butter
    Lotsa veggies
    Prohormone History:
    I have responded the best to 1AD/4AD. Personally I some experience using methyls but am not in great favor of using them. I have had some very successful cycles gaining a max of 24lbs in 30days.

    Products Stacked and their composition:

    Designer Hormones:
    PheraPlex - 2-ene - (17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol)
    Prostanazol - [3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta tetrahydropyranol

    1AD (1-androstene-3beta, 17beta-diol) > target 1-test
    4AD (4-androstene-3-beta,17-beta-diol)> target test
    m14add -methylboldenone > precursor Methandrostenolone -Dianabol.

    Mass. Clean and get as much as I can.

    Here is the proposed cycle.

    Week 0- Perfect Cycle 2x dosage

    Week 1 PP - 20mg ed + Pros. 50mg
    Week 2 PP - 20mg ed + Pros. 75mg
    Week 3 PP - 30mg ed + Pros. 100mg

    *********** - First set of testing results

    Week 4 PP - 30mg ed + 1AD 600mg + 4AD 900mg
    Week 5 1AD 600 4AD 900
    Week 6 1AD 900 4AD 1200 - Start letro.
    Week 7 1AD 900 m14ADD - 180mg
    Week 8 1AD 900 m14ADD - 210mg End Letro.

    (Week 9/10 Optional 1AD/m14ADD @ 210mg)
    *********** - Second set of testing results

    Week 9 Day 1 :Clomid 300mg , Clomid 150mg Nolvadex 40mg R xt 75 Start 7oxo
    Week 10 Clomid 75mg Nolvadex 40mg R xt 50 Start Activate Start Clen
    Week 11 Clomid 50mg Nolvadex 20mg R xt 25
    Week 12 Nolvadex 20mg R xt 25 End Clen End 7oxo Start Yohimbe+Rampage Start Benadryl
    Week 15 End Activate End Yohimbe+Rampage Start ECA

    *********** - Third set of testing results + Blood work (hopefully)

    Perfect Cycle will be run all through the cycle.
    Letro maybe switched with Aromasin.
    Nolva maybe switched with Raloxifene
    Propecia is in hand.
    A couple of antibiotics also in hand.
    Superdrol is in hand but am not using it.

    <img src=""
    <img src=""

  2. Here goes.
    Popped in my Nitroevol and GB on an empty stomach.
    1hr later I had rice and chicken, not too heavy though.
    Lotsa water.

    50mg Prostanozol 10mg Pheraplex

    30mins later workout.

    Today was a decent lat/trap/abs day

    150/200/220 x 10 10(2) 10
    Close grips V handle downs
    180/210 x 10 x 10
    Close grip lat bar
    150/190 x 6 x 8

    T bar raises w/ v handle
    180x 10
    270x 10 ( 4 plates )

    My lower back was close to being a stone. Overall soreness. Stretched for a bit around 5 mins.
    Kept myself hydrated, though I cannot drink very cold water- I fall sick pretty easy.

    Straight bar cable pull down
    150x 10 .180x6

    Dumbell rows
    100 x6
    120 x6

    Trap shrugs at various dumbelll weights.

    Ab workout
    Crunches in sets of 30 inserted between every 1 min breather between sets.
    On set of weighted crunches after workout finish.

    Pec decs machine - 150x 15 /180 x 10 - I dunno why i did this

    Thoughts: Day 1 was a placebo effect I guess. As you can see, it was'nt the best of workout, passable ,maybe because I did'nt have any oats left, not getting my favourite carbs.
    I felt dead thirsty, my throat was parched through the workout. Not sure if this was due to the supps. I have been drinking as much water as I can. I force myself to drink water, cannot drink like 3gal but wish I can. However I will try to keep it close to two gal through the cycle.

    Caloric Update:
    Meal 1 Rice - 5 scoops Chicken 4 thighs 10 am
    Meal 2 PW Shake carbs 11 am
    Meal 3 Rice 4 Whole Eggs 3 30pm
    Meal 4 Peanut butter 120g 5 30pm
    Meal 5 Wheat Spaghettim spam 7 15pm
    Meal 6 Beef chunksm and a slice of teriyaki 8 45pm
    Meal 7 Milk Shake 60P 50C 10F 11 pm
    Meal 8 Chicken Breast 1 30 am

    Approx - 6600 cals

    Everything seems ok. I take 4 pills of AX perfect cycle ed. The doses are spilt every 6 hours. Vit C is 4g ed. I think my lipids should be ok, tommorrow I throw in some salmon cooked in fish oil. Ok my waist is mo' six pack

  3. Day 02.

    Overslept, my gym closed early.
    On an empty stomach I took the GB, NE.
    Also on empty stomach 100mg Prostanazol 10mg PP.

    Did abs at home 50x10 chair crunches
    30 x 10 weighted crunches 30lbs, small iron object that I found outside
    Pushups 30x10
    Ok am sweating now, hungry as hell. 4 grilled chicken breasts in chilli sauce, yogurt , rice and potatoes.
    Will update soon.

    Meal update
    My lunch
    12 scoops of rice
    Alta dena Yogurt the 1/2 the tub 150g
    3 Grilled chicken breasts
    2 whole potatoes cooked in gravy
    1 piece 12oz steak
    Some one do the math. I gotta go poop

    Like I mentioned yesterday, I am feeling increased dryness in my mouth. My prostan is gonna be 200/300/400 as opposed to the original cycle. Will give a complete caloric meal breakup before I crash in aroun 5 hours.
    Might go uphill walking to digest this stuff.

  4. You mean you gonna take 200, 300, 400mg of prostanozol in a day? I was wondering how high one can go with that. Sides, all. SUBSCRIBED. BTW : most hormones are fat soluble, so you might think of taking them with a tablespoon or two of flax oil - better absorption and getting flax at the same time.........

  5. **** man thats a expensive cycle! Good luck.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ss01
    You mean you gonna take 200, 300, 400mg of prostanozol in a day? I was wondering how high one can go with that. Sides, all. SUBSCRIBED. BTW : most hormones are fat soluble, so you might think of taking them with a tablespoon or two of flax oil - better absorption and getting flax at the same time.........
    I take in my ph's with peanut butter, the evening dosage with a few tsps of flax.
    Prostan for the most seemed underdosed at 75mg, I was following a few logs closely at bb and came to this conclusion. Looks good so far, lets see where it goes. Thx for the tips tho'.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grassroots082
    **** man thats a expensive cycle! Good luck.
    I home brewd the latter half of the cycle. The first part, well I am a tester and work for AX

  8. that dosage of prostanozol will be wery interesting to follow

  9. sweet cycle, good luck, i just emailed you too by the way krzna

  10. Btw updated dosages for this cycle

    Week 1 PP 30mg Prostan 200mg
    Week 2 PP 40mg Prostan 300mg
    Week 3 PP 40mg Prostan 400mg

    Now lets see how this cracks out

  11. If anyone of you board members were in hawaii, I would've personally taken you guys out for dinner.
    Phera+Prostan is da shiznit
    Why .... here is why

    Arm day
    35x20 45x15 55x10

    Barbell curls
    90x15x 2

    Skull crushers
    125x6x1 (PR) - This is mind blowing, at that angle I could'nt even push it cuz my forearms were pumped, some guy pushed it off my chest and I still went on for 6 reps

    One hand cable Pull downs
    15/25/35/55x6/6/6/6 superset
    25/35/45/55/x6/6/6/6 superset

    Rope pull downs + Cable bar bicep curls
    45/60x10 10 100/120 x 10x 6

    Everything seems to be popping out, I am that pumped, one of my best workouts ever. Seriously I don't know why I stopped, maybe because I was hungry. I am not tired, hell no. I still threw pushups, sweating like a pig.
    Chugging my whey in water atm. Trying to get 1gal in post workout. I did'nt drink anywater during workout, I know stupid move, but damn I was focussed today.
    Another thing I want to add is, I am not a stickler for great form but I have started concentrating a lot on form as late. Normally when form goes up, endurance takes a beating, but not today.
    I am kinda experiencing what proverbs experienced, not sure if its the same, but its like cold sweat, it trickles down and feels cold, maybe psych.
    No sides....none at all at the moment.

  12. why so high on the pp? i am so interested on that dosage results on pro...

  13. Am on Day 5.

    Shoulders - Short, sweet, HEAVY!

    Iso lateral shoulder press, this is the equipment in the gym
    Am not too sure how many of you hit this, but I have found this very effective if form is maintained

    Iso - 90 x 20
    135x 20
    180x 10
    220 x 10
    260 x 6

    I almost got 270, 3 45lb plates either side, but my wrists were so wornout, I could get a decent rep. Next week Im sure I'd get it.


    180 x 10
    220 x 10

    DB One hand laterals

    30 x 20
    45x 10
    50 x 10

    Medial delt Flys

    30 and 20 superset x 10 x 15
    35 and 25 SS x 10 x 15

    Trap shrugs
    DB various weights superset
    shrug machine 270/360 x 10 x 10

    No cable work today. Minimal soreness.

    Normally after two days of working out like this I'd be in tears the next day.
    My sleep is peaceful. My libido is great. No apparent sides. No oilyness, though I did get a tiny boil under my lower lip.
    I left out the nitro's on purpose today, no GB/NE. I do not experience any drastic pump without it. However strength is on the roof atm.
    Tommorrow is leg day. I will plan my meals really carefully so that I maintain a llight stomach before I squat.
    Also, I weigh myself tommorrow .... :fingersxd

  14. Am gonna be deadlifting as hard as I can tommorrow so I decided to take it off today.
    Meals have been going good. Close to 3000 cals by 6pm considering my lazy ass woke up only at 11 30 am and my first meal was at 12 15pm.
    I am letting myself rest, but I may do some abs later.

    No sides as yet. Like I said before, dead hungry and thirsty. Its not the craving kind of hunger, but its the want to eat anything at sight hunger.
    No oiliness at all, I thought the boil was the first sign of more to come but it seems good now.
    I am still taking AX perfect cycle 2x a day. I will go easier on the dose from next week.
    My libido is sky high, erections are very good. No complaints at all in that department. Only thing is cuz am eating so much, I feel full on my stomach all the time, I prefer feeling light and flexible in bed.
    I may start some MSM or Cissus RX after week 3-4.
    I will post my final calorics in 4-5 hours.
    Thx for reading

  15. First off: I am up 10lbs - 224 to ~233 g/t water weight.
    My wife has been out of breath lately

    Back 2 the basics
    Total lower back killer.


    350x1 PR (WOOT!!!! PR), I really have to get my ass a belt, its about time

    Iso Y rows

    45x2 either side x 10 reps
    45x3+25 either side x 6 reps x 2

    DB rows

    100x 15 x 2 PR for reps, I could've hit more weight but my palms hurt.

    Cable Dual pulley rows - barbell wide gripped

    Preacher curls - Light
    50/60 x 10/10


    Very satisfying workout. I really want a stronger back. My back is not all that thick, esp my rhomboids. I would like to concentrate some mass there. I should've hit the T bar rows but I was outta time today.
    My SLDL is going up steadily. It reflects a bit on my traps. I have to start training my forearms now, as my functional strength has to increase.

    No sides at all
    Libido still skyrocketing.
    No oilyness
    Appetite is really becoming a craze now.

  16. Not a great day again, sorry guys I had to go to school, some problems abt my Visa status ... kinda stressed.

    Meal 1: oats
    Meal 2: oats
    Meal 3: oats

    I bought the 42oz Quaker whole grain oats yesterday. As of 1am I have finished 1/2 the container in 3 meals every two hours with milk/sugar and splenda. From oats alone my carbs are 385g, 75g of protein excl milk.

    Meal 4: Chicken and noodles, I huge bowl
    Meal 5: Beans, rice and chicken.
    Meal 6: Whey and fruit.

    I did screw up a little bit I guess. I drank close to 3/4 gallon of passion fruit juice, nopes not the processed but fresh juice talking to a buddy. I did'nt realise I drank so much. I am not even thinking about counting my calorics atm.

    Tommorrow I measure bf increase. Lets see. My pants fit just fine. I did notice my formal shirt looks different, folds near the shoulders. My wife saw this ...and lost hope , which is good, am growing.

  17. New dosage as of today
    Pheraplex 40mg
    Prostanozol 200mg

    Doses are going to be divided into 3 splits. Every dose will be ingested with fats, either peanut butter or flax oils or salmon. Lets see what this week has to offer.

  18. As promised, here are my thoughts on the Pheraplex after week 1.

    Pheraplex is about the cleanest, side free hormonal supplement I have used, at these dosages - 30mg/week 1
    Prostanozol at 200mg ed, seems really good in increasing endurance.
    Pheraplex and Prostan defenitely increases appetite
    I can confidently say there are size gains. I am not at a very low bf to judge water retention so maybe Bammy can fill you guys up.
    As far as mass building is concerned, Phera seems to do its job. I would defenitely compare it with m1t, though m1t took more time to kick in, Phera kicked in a bit sooner.
    BF wise, I am still at the same, however I have a feeling that I look a little more pumped. Not too sure.

    Here are Week 1 Pix -
    Top pic Flexed
    Lower pic Totally unflexed.

    [img]****11 249&stc=1[/img]
    Sorry for the bad pics. All I have atm is a crappy webcam. I will get my camera cable soon.
    Please do not make fun of my chest...its pathetic ... i know ...
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  19. Damn, what a detailed log, good job! Your transformation is impressive - you've gone from 138 to 233 in 3 years? Wow!

  20. Well I've never used SD, however I have followed so many cycles closely that I think I have a pretty good idea about SD.
    Normally SD gives great strength increases in 3-4days in many. Phera does the same.
    There is no acne breakout.
    No supression at all.
    Absolutely no lethargy.
    No heavy breathing, jitters or nose bleeds.
    No painful pumps

    Some of the reasons why I feel phera maybe cleaner than SD

    No hair loss
    Again no blood pressure increases
    No pumps

    Some of the reasons why I feel Phera maybe easier than EMax LMG.

    Again, please do not take this as a summary, I am half way through my cycle, I can be at a better position by the end of my cycle to judge.

  21. Day 13
    The off day did me a whole load of good.

    Lats and rear delts

    Pullups - assisted
    The damn pull up bars were taken down due to repair and all I had was the assist. I decided to play with more reps.
    Assist- 35lbs
    Wide 10x4
    Close 10x6
    Med 10x10

    Lat pull downs - full width

    280x6x1 (PR)
    300x3 (PR)

    Lat pull downs - close grip
    My palms were burning. I try to maintain as much form on pull downs as I can.

    DB rows

    Barbell rows

    Rear delt
    Inv pec flys

    Close out with forearms on dumbells.

    A very long workout day. Endurance and strength is top of the line.
    Overtraining is fun, virtually no soreness.
    I did'nt put this up as an individual day but

    Day 10- I walked 6 miles, 3 of that was uphill
    Day 11- I walked 8 miles

    My quads felt like stone yesterday. I think tommorrow will be shoulders and hams/calves.

    Cycle update

    No sides. None to report. The one odd pimple was the only side since the beginning of the cycle. In GG's words I am becoming Beezelbub
    There maybe some water retention. I will know only after another week. However at the moment, I am very pleased.
    Thirst and perspiration have defenitely increased. Pumps are nothing great on biceps and small body parts. However on the back day there were some painful pumps through the last few sets of SLDL.

  22. Updated dosages and main supplement list week 2.
    Pheraplex 40mg
    Prostanozol 300mg
    Perfect Cycle 2x dosage spread evenly through the day
    2X Multivitamin
    2x Flax oil
    4g Vit C

    No CoQ10/GB/NE. I layed off the cell volumisers to see the effect of the AX stack on its own.

  23. Meal 1- Rice and beef musubi - (jap. rice cake)
    Meal 2- Oats and water ... ewww
    Meal 3- 3 Jack pattys
    Meal 4- Subway Foot long tuna
    Meal 5- Rice and chicken and veggies
    Meal 6- Brown rice and eggs
    Meal 7 Whey
    Meal 8- 1/2 bottle peanut butter.

    krzna is back in business ... :zoom:
    510g protein 620g carbs

  24. Shoulders
    I've been sick, well thankgod no body pain, but a cold is really affecting my endurance.


    PR time
    270x6x1 (pr ching ching )

    Military - Front



    45x10x 2

    DB Lateral raise

    35/45/55 x 10 10 6
    Side raises
    20/30x 10/`0

    Lying side raises ( Inspired by arnold's bb book a friend gave me)
    25/30 x max out ... this exercise rocks, my delt looked solid!


    Pull downs - 150/200/210 x till failure.

    Walked back feeling real good about the workout. A running nose so I could'nt drink water in the gym and stupid me forgot my gallon of water . Tommorrow is arm day, lets see how it goes.
    Will post my calorics before I sleep.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Scheizekopf
    Question. . . ?

    Do you take all your support supps @ night?
    What's your supp schedule like?
    I split my prostan into 3 doses, and make sure I take them in with fats - hormones, fat soluable.

    This is approx -
    First dose
    Prostan + pheraplex + PB or flax
    Perfect Cycle and Saw palmetto

    Empty stomach
    GB+ NE

    1.5 hours later carbs and fats followed by
    Second dose
    RYR + PP + Prostan + Fats

    Third dose
    PP+Prostan+Perfect cycle+Polic.

    Pre bed dose
    Multivit+ Vit C + Zinc + Ginko+ Melatonin (sometimes)

    This is a very rough setup.


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