creatine while on cutting cycle?

  1. creatine while on cutting cycle?

    hey guys. startin cutter soon and i was debating the use of creatine during this. as creatine draws water into the muscle, this seems somewhat counter productive to the cutter. any thoguths on this? definately use it, definately dont', doesn't matter either way? thanks.

  2. I was using it during my last natural cut, and was getting bad results, was told to stop it, and once i stopped fat loss took off.

    A guy posted in my cycle log that the creatine drawing the water in is counter productive to losing fat, i think he had a study to back it up.

    Regardless, because of that i will not be using creatine during my upcoming cut.

  3. if you are using aas to keep muscle during a cut i wouldn't use the creatine personally

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