Nolva/clomid test positive on a drug test?

  1. Nolva/clomid test positive on a drug test?

    Did a search but I couldn't find answer to my question...will clomid or nolva get you popped on a drug test?

    I work at a major airline which does random testing to DOT spec's. With using PH's, they are OTC so np there but the nolva/clomid aren't. Was curious if they even come up on a DT. Any input or pointers to a good site would be appreciated. Thanx in advance!

  2. I really doubt they would test for those at your work, or that they would even care if you were using them. They are perfectly legal to take, they are prescription, not scheduled.

  3. I think they would have to test for hormone levels for them to even be suspicious, I'm not completely positive.

  4. Appreciate the reply. Anyone able to add anymore? Take any input I can. Thanx.

  5. roid tests are very expensive and companyís usually donít test for them. they arenít like the other drugs that people take. they dont get you high.

  6. Usually the drug screening used for regular (ie not government) jobs is the EMMIT test, which tests for marijuana, opiates, cocaine, meth, ecstacy, etc.

    My brother was in the marine corps, had he was on a cycle of deca and had to take random drug tests constantly. It was never a problem.


  7. Some times they'll tell you exactly what they're looking for. Check the fine print.

    The last test I took used a GC/MS, which CAN detect AAS, although the paperwork said they were only looking for coke, opiates, weed, etc... Couldn't tell you if that was the truth though, because I passed the test. (Never used gear.)

    This was for a Govt. contractor BTW.


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