Its that time again; my first real cycle

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  1. Talking Its that time again; my first real cycle

    Gonna be starting bigger this time around boys and girls No more muscle memory excuses

    Right now I'm weighing in at 155lbs... after a 2 week break... i plan on getting up to 160 with no problem...

    -AS Micronized Creatine, 5-10g daily for an extended period to enhance creatine's steroid delivery effects
    -Cytodyne Cytogainer; the taste of musclemilk with more carbs, a weight gainer at heart and tastes good
    -Optimum Whey Protein, 22g of protein in one scoop

    Notes: Target calories per day will be 3500-4000 with a nice 30-40-30 balance.

    120mg EOD Trenbolone Acetate Wk 1-5
    500mg ED T4 gel Wk 1-3
    150mg EOD Testosterone Propionate Wk 4-8

    Notes: Why am I doing it this way? Well for one thing I wanna get used to the needles at first. Another thing is i killed my supply of tren when creating it; so i only have enough for 5 weeks instead of 8 like i originally intended.
    And I already have syno sitting here; and I'll get a estrogen removal kit from dazed and finish that off and run it until week 8...

    Liquid-Nolvadex, 50mg/day, Wk 1-2; 25mg/day, Wk 3-4

    Our Goals?

    To add as much ****ing mass as ****ing possible while also taking no prisoners and keeping the girlfriend happy

    Weight gain goal? I want 20 more pounds... This means a target weight of 180lbs and I'll need every bit of your support to get there.

    I'll post back later with initial measurements and bodyfat caliper measurements.

  2. Bean. best of luck. Be sure you have no off days, diet wise.

  3. agreed... talk toya..

  4. First day and still nervous about the pin... about to do it...

    but I'm making a policy in weighing myself in the morning before i eat....

    i was only 152lbs today... GRRR

  5. injecting wasn't jack **** man

    i aspirated, and then injected...

    my arm twitched ever so slightly when i pushed it in; and now my shoulder is slightly sore...

    but that was easy as ****

    it bled a bit when i pulled it out; but after i wiped it; it stopped almost immediately... i know i didn't hit anything; but its nice to have someone else on here telling me i'll be alright...

    going to work out now; later guys and thanks a BILLION for all the information you have provided

    EDIT: shoulder starting to hurt more; like a friend punched me really hard... only when i move my arm in a motion that uses the delt muscle... so i guess i got it in the right spot...

    i think this may be just the first-time effects tho; i've been told my body will get used to it... feel free to chime in guys... might be a sissy thing but i need some reassurance
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  6. Workout Schedule

    Day 1 - Chest, arms
    Flat bench, 4x10
    Incline bench, 3x10
    Skullcrushers, 2x8 (with 2 negative reps)
    Bicep curls, 4x10

    Day 2 - Legs, forearms
    Squats, 5x10
    Deadlifts, 2x10
    Reverse wrist curls, 3x15
    Calf Raises, 3 sets to failure

    Day 3 - off

    Day 4 - Shoulders, back
    Shoulder press, 4x10
    Wide-grip pullups, 2 sets to failure
    Bent over rows, 3x10
    Lateral Raises, 3x10
    Shrugs, 3x15

    Day 5 - Chest, arms, abs
    Flat bench, 4x10
    Skullcrushers, 3x10 (with 2 negative reps)
    Heavy abs, 4 sets
    Bicep curls, 4x10

    Day 6 - off
    Day 7 - off

    Looking for some good ab workout info
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  7. I don't understand your routine at all. If you do bi's with tri's twice a week and you don't do them with back you're basically working bi's 3 times a week. And what's with the Days 1-5? Are there 2 rest day after those 5 days or do you just start the 5 days all over again? Cuz if so it looks like you're doing Chest/Arms 2 days in a row?

  8. Good luck Bean! Should be very good.

  9. Originally posted by T-Bar
    I don't understand your routine at all. If you do bi's with tri's twice a week and you don't do them with back you're basically working bi's 3 times a week. And what's with the Days 1-5? Are there 2 rest day after those 5 days or do you just start the 5 days all over again? Cuz if so it looks like you're doing Chest/Arms 2 days in a row?
    i feel i need to work out my arms and chest twice a week; so i seperate them as far apart as possible...

    and since there's only one exercise on Day 4 that works the bi's a bit (rows), then i think i'm ok... my bi's don't get worked much when i do rows... i try to focus on the lat and not cheat by overusing my arms to lift the weight.....
    as for pullups; they don't work my arms at all... chinups do; but they're for pussies

    i've also found that my biceps respond better with effort over time rather than effort at one moment... instead of doing 4 supersets with curls and reverse-curls... i'm doing just 4 normal sets twice a week... at the end of my last cycle i began using this scheme and it started improving my strength

  10. Damn man if someone hit me in the spot that I injected Id probably go ape **** on them. If I ever do inject Ill make sure that I do not get hit hehe. Good luck on your cycle.

  11. i wonder if its just the creatine or maybe the tren; but damn i've got hella more endurance than before... today was leg day and damn that felt good; i kept wanting to do more and more sets

    weight seems to be up a couple lbs; not gonna state anything yet; its only been two days...

  12. From my experience (not that I have ever used tren ), it was not the best for muscle endurance, so I am leaning towards the creatine for that. However, as it does give one mad strength gains it might just be that the weight overall seemed much easier allowing for extra reps. But, at least for me, the intense muscle pumps actually hurt my endurance especially in regards to calf cramps during cardio. Also, I am not really sure why you didn't do the prop and tren together since you can just inject them at the same time. Finally, with EOD day injections you could probably stick to glutes and quads, which would be a little less painful. But, your choice, good luck.

  13. Hold up...

    Your using 120 EOD of Tren for 4 weeks? I've read what happened to your Tren but why not 75 EOD and run it for even longer allowing it to really kick in? I've heard from most the gains dont really come until the 3rd week.

  14. because 120 EOD is more than 75mg EOD

    the test prop is coming; i justhaven't ordered dazed's kit

    and its for 5 weeks; i may get another batch of tren together before too long tho

  15. actually; in light of 1fast400 selling 4-ad cyp per gram... i'm going with that instead...

  16. WOW, I'm 158 today after a small meal. Arms have grown MUCH larger. Strength and endurance is up like a mofo. We'll see how I am Sunday morning.

  17. Did my weigh in this morning...

    I'm 159lbs

    We'll see how week 2 goes once the fina actually starts kicking in

  18. Hey bean, lookin good bro.

    Didn't you get up to 165 on your T1-Pro cycle? What happened? Did your post cycle not keep those gains? Just curious cause I see you'r starting at 155. You started the t1-pro at 144 right?

  19. yup; i dropped to 160 during postcycle and was holding it...

    then i took a 1 week break... and dropped to 155 and held it...

    i started gaining weight back and getting to 160 again... then i took a 2.5 week break because the 1 week just wasn't enough...

    dropped to 148 or so... then gained back to 152-155...

    during the time, i could gain weight back once my test levels jumped to normal... but i was also preparing for this cycle and my body was extremely tired (and i was also low on funds)

  20. Hey bean nice to see you doing some serious stuff , let's see how you keep it up and you will get to 180lbs in no time , rock on.

  21. good luck bean sounds like your gonna grow big

  22. man i hope the damn pain tones down some after my body gets used to it... my left shoulder has been red for most of the day; ever since my workout...

    i've been contemplating injecting in the glutes; but i don't have any 1.5" needles... gotta order some... my bodyfat is pretty low already; think its ok for me to use 1" needles?

    i also heard from someone that taking magnesium supps help a lot on the pain... if so i'm going to wally world tomorrow to buy some

  23. I have seen were others have used the 1" pins on the glutes..

  24. I have always, I mean if I was interested in that sort of thing, used 1 inch pins in quads and glutes. My bf is pretty low though. Just make sure you get it in fairly deep and you should be alright. Also, try quad shots, its nice and easy and you can do it sitting down.

  25. Man this pain is really making me wanna quit.

    I'm sitting at 163lbs now...

    but the pain is really bad on body parts i don't work out the same day.... a sore achy pain... curious if i just made a bad batch of fina or something...

    still haven't brewed up the 4-ad cyp yet; gotta do that soon...

    workouts have been great (except the pain)... strength in chest hasn't gone up too much... but legs have really jumped... working with 265lbs now; unlike the 185lbs precycle

    anyway; if anyone knows how to get rid of this ****ing pain; i'd be very much obliged

  26. Is it like a joint type of pain or muscle pain Bean?

  27. its a muscle pain most definitely

    i'm taking in water like a mofo too

  28. ROAR!!!!!!

    I feel like a superhuman... this **** just kicked in the past few days. **** the pain man oh my god i can't believe my strength... my endurance is crazy and my brute force is just crazy higher than it was

    I was using 95-100lbs at 12-15reps on the incline bench initially before cycle...

    now on the FIRST day of the 3rd week, my incline bench has skyrocketed to 12 reps at 135lbs, then 10 reps, then 8 reps, then 6 reps...

    after that i did 3 sets of flat benching with a low weight to run the reps up and finish wearing myself out...
    i grabbed 115lbs like it was absolutely nothing... which it isn't unless you've just done 4 very heavy and strenuous sets of incline benches... my tris were dead; my chest was sore, my shoulders ached... but **** man i kept on pushing and got like 13 reps out of the flat bench set...
    then 12, then 11... i couldn't ****ing believe it...

    before cycle iwas working out with 35lbs at 10reps on the dumbells on bicep curls... then i slowly got up to 40lbs at 10reps...
    then today i did 45lbs at 10reps... i can't believe the strength increase...

    and i measured my arm earlier... 13.25" unflexed... 14.0 flexed... this is all cold...

    this may all seem small to you guys; but damn i'm on a small frame... i can't believe the power increase...

    Week 3 of fina:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  29. sorry i haven't responded in a while; just about done with all the fina

    i didn't follow a good diet plan on week 3 and partway through week 4 so my bodyfat dropped some and i went down to 160lbsish...

    i got back on track and started eating a ****load through the end of week 4 and now through week 5.... got more cytogainer, part of the reason i couldn't keep the cal-count up

    now i'm up to 167lbs with amazing strength gains

    i'm working with 145lbs on the incline bench at 8 reps and 165lbs at 8 reps on the flat... which is like a 30lb increase from where i started
    curls are up to 45lbs on each arm and my triceps are really getting big

    i'm going to run the 4-ad cyp for another 3 weeks... this stuff is MUCH more potent than a transdermal... i can feel the direct effects of it a lot more...

    fina is making me sweat like a pig too

  30. Hey bean, im glad your doing ok.

    Just some friendly advice though, i think you need to get out of the hormone business for a very long time because youve done like 2 moderate lengthed prohormone cycles or more and now your 5 weeks through a big steroid cycle and your only 20 lbs higher then you originally were and im sure quite a bit of that weight will be lost again(cause probably 5 lbs is water and fat and based on your past history of losing MUSCLE gains).

    After 20 weeks of cycle time(spread over multiple cycles) over like 8 months im 40 lbs heavier with only around 2 to 3 % increase in bf because i keep most of the muscle gains, i just loose mostly water and fat postcycle.

    You either need to keep your weight or not do it in the first place IMO.


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