Its that time again; my first real cycle

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  1. Is it like a joint type of pain or muscle pain Bean?

  2. its a muscle pain most definitely

    i'm taking in water like a mofo too

  3. ROAR!!!!!!

    I feel like a superhuman... this **** just kicked in the past few days. **** the pain man oh my god i can't believe my strength... my endurance is crazy and my brute force is just crazy higher than it was

    I was using 95-100lbs at 12-15reps on the incline bench initially before cycle...

    now on the FIRST day of the 3rd week, my incline bench has skyrocketed to 12 reps at 135lbs, then 10 reps, then 8 reps, then 6 reps...

    after that i did 3 sets of flat benching with a low weight to run the reps up and finish wearing myself out...
    i grabbed 115lbs like it was absolutely nothing... which it isn't unless you've just done 4 very heavy and strenuous sets of incline benches... my tris were dead; my chest was sore, my shoulders ached... but **** man i kept on pushing and got like 13 reps out of the flat bench set...
    then 12, then 11... i couldn't ****ing believe it...

    before cycle iwas working out with 35lbs at 10reps on the dumbells on bicep curls... then i slowly got up to 40lbs at 10reps...
    then today i did 45lbs at 10reps... i can't believe the strength increase...

    and i measured my arm earlier... 13.25" unflexed... 14.0 flexed... this is all cold...

    this may all seem small to you guys; but damn i'm on a small frame... i can't believe the power increase...

    Week 3 of fina:
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  4. sorry i haven't responded in a while; just about done with all the fina

    i didn't follow a good diet plan on week 3 and partway through week 4 so my bodyfat dropped some and i went down to 160lbsish...

    i got back on track and started eating a ****load through the end of week 4 and now through week 5.... got more cytogainer, part of the reason i couldn't keep the cal-count up

    now i'm up to 167lbs with amazing strength gains

    i'm working with 145lbs on the incline bench at 8 reps and 165lbs at 8 reps on the flat... which is like a 30lb increase from where i started
    curls are up to 45lbs on each arm and my triceps are really getting big

    i'm going to run the 4-ad cyp for another 3 weeks... this stuff is MUCH more potent than a transdermal... i can feel the direct effects of it a lot more...

    fina is making me sweat like a pig too

  5. Hey bean, im glad your doing ok.

    Just some friendly advice though, i think you need to get out of the hormone business for a very long time because youve done like 2 moderate lengthed prohormone cycles or more and now your 5 weeks through a big steroid cycle and your only 20 lbs higher then you originally were and im sure quite a bit of that weight will be lost again(cause probably 5 lbs is water and fat and based on your past history of losing MUSCLE gains).

    After 20 weeks of cycle time(spread over multiple cycles) over like 8 months im 40 lbs heavier with only around 2 to 3 % increase in bf because i keep most of the muscle gains, i just loose mostly water and fat postcycle.

    You either need to keep your weight or not do it in the first place IMO.

  6. well if you wanna swap genetics, then by all means

    if i don't eat 3500+ cals a day, and workout at least 2 times a week with heavy weight... i'll lose 5lbs or more in an instant

    i don't think you know how it is to have my metabolism; i'm really starting to make some breakthroughs; i'm stronger than ever and my bf is much lower than my prev PH cycle
    and i hardly have any water weight at all on me

    this is not a big steroid cycle either; its 60mg/day of Tren... thats it... the rest is PHs...

    postcycle i don't lose much either; maybe 5lbs total... but i lose my weight when i take a 1 or 2 week break from working out to let my body rest...

    advice is nice; but what you've offered is a scolding; please don't offer it again in MY thread... thanks

  7. String bean, where have you been bro? Has all that fina broken your fingers or what?

  8. Bean fina DOES add water weight. ive done 2 fina cycles and my face always gets more bloated up and i lose a little water weight post cycle ALL ANDROGENS ADD WATER WEIGHT even fina, just fina doesn't add as much. Considering that you have 4-AD in the punch were talking now fat and a lot more water gain so if you subtract 5 lbs of water and fat your only 20 lbs higher after 3 pretty moderate cycles.

    I don't care what you took the point is its all the same in my book as long as its the "new generation of ph's" they all do something so you should have good results AND YOU DO you just need to be consistently working out to keep your gains or not take ph's at all until you hit your genetic limit if your gonna bounce up and down as much as you do postcycle.

    My point wasn't to scold you, i understand you have a hard time keeping weight due to your metabolism. My point was just that , because you seem to take a lot of breaks and all from eating AND/OR working out you lose more weight then you should. I bet right now you would be 35 lbs higher at least then 25 lbs higher if you didn't take so many breaks all the time once you get off cycle.

    Not trying to be mean,im just trying tohelp you in the long run because this is money, and side effects, not to be fooled around with if your gonna lose the gains a lot post cycle all the time.

  9. While I hate to get in arguments over personal choices, I somewhat agree with bee. However, my advice is to check out Iron Addicts posts on the finaboard or animal's and train that style. Seems like with your metabolism, your training with way to much volume and way to many days. Look into a heavy 3 day a week split....mostly core lifts and forget the fluff. But hey, good luck with the cycle and pack it on man.

  10. thats what i'm doing now; i'm at the point now in other personal things where i just feel like quitting

    in the whole time i've been lifting weights hardcore since Feb of last year... i've taken 3 breaks... no longer than 3 weeks

    fina didn't add any water weight for me; i know what water weight is; i got a good bit of it when i was running trasdermal 4-ad...
    i ran transdermal 4-ad at the beginning of this cycle and gained some water weight; my face got a bit wider, etc... but then i started running 4-ad cyp and my water weight dropped and libido shot through the roof...

    i'm working 3 workouts a week; concentrating on the simple stuff and totally abandoning flat benches except to finish off my triceps and chest... seems to be working... i gained 7lbs in a week and .5" on my arm

  11. Bro, i say do what you want it's your life. You can only do so much research and you'll always get people telling you to wait til genetic potential or you're too young or whatever. I started ph's at 19, wasn't even close to my genetic potential. Seeing your benching weight and curling weight etc. before cycle though, i must say either you just started working out or the ph's didn't do jack for you. When i started ph's i was benching a plate on each side (135 total) Now before my test/eq/d-bol cycle im benching 225 and i'd say three quarters of that strength was from the ph's. Either way, i'll never look down apon anyone juicing or doing ph's no matter how skinny/fat/young/old as long as they do the research, it's your life, live it the way you want. Good luck on cycle bro, check my progress these next couple weeks if you get the chance.

  12. Aww bean don't feel like quitting ever man. I understand things are hard, but remember the best things in life take the most amount of work, if it was so easy everyone would look like a underwear model at thevery least.

    I wouldn't worry too much about how your lifting on cycle, that seems OK if your working out 4+ days a week even with a high metabolism. I just worry more about whats going on postcycle.

    I think what you should do is just CONTINUALLY work out no matter what. Hell even if you have ot just do pushups, situps, pullups, and jumps with dumbells(to work legs) at home for a couple weeks as a "break" from the gym thats what i would do instead of taking 1 to 3 weeks completely off the gym. Your metabolism is way too damn high to be taking time off. I normally think its good to take a break every once in a while but im not so sure you should ever take a break. I think its probably better if you just lighten the load for 1 or 2 weeks like i said above but not take a full break from dieting and training.

    I think if you never take a full break from lifting that even if you got off the diet for a week or 2 i don't think most of it would be any more then simple water loss. I think the main thing you need to focus on is just keeping the stress their and when your body is tired so to speak from months of training lighten it up, but still apply some stress to keep muscle there.

    I don't know what do oyu think bean?? How are the ladies treating you with all that new muscle BTW

  13. Oh and the only time fina doesn't add water weight is when you have been on it by itself for many many weeks. All androgens add water weight like i said and it take a few weeks for your test production to be suppressed and hence estrogen enough to be suppressed to offset the extra water created by the fina so you have no net gain in watter. If you trun any aromotizing steroids though you will always have a lot of extra water gain, and even iwthout any it takes many weeks for the fina to "dry" you up so to speak.

    I know this from personal experiences as i get a moon face until many weeks into fina cycles.


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