Running Nolva on this cycle ???

  1. Running Nolva on this cycle ???

    I'm going to start my next cycle soon:

    Daily --
    Superdrol 20mg
    1-Test 300mg
    Trimax 2mg/4mg

    Considering running Nolva throughout this cycle which will run 3 or 4 weeks (depending on how I react to the Trimax for one.)

    I've not used Nolva or any anti-e/AI on-cycle previous to this, only PCT. Any thoughts about this? Info and suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Why are you consider running during your cycle?

  3. Unless you have a gyno issue I would leave the nolva for PCT.

  4. Nolvadex screws around with your liver.
    Here is what my Drug interaction book state as possible Blood/serum side effects: increased Ca, AST, ALT, Bili, Alk Phos, BUN, Creatinine; rare, but possible: increase Chol, Trigs.
    Decreased Chol, LDL, WBC, platelets.

    Remember, this is all without adding further insult to your liver with another substance i.e. SD.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Why are you consider running during your cycle?
    Well, I was under the impression (from several threads/post on this forum) that Nolvadex has a positive impact on your lipids profile. Since SD has a dramatic negative effect in this area, I thought that it may help to use a small dose of Nolva during the cycle.

    I have seen some other users running it during because of gyno issues and/or to help keep gains lean/reduce bloat. While these latter issues may have little to no application to an SD + 1T cycle, I thought I could use Nolva for it's beneficial effects of lipids, and if it helped keep potential gyno at bay and could contribute to keeping things nice and tight... then why not?

    I do not come from a postion of strong knowledge on this subject. Like I said, I have always used Nolva for PCT only. I mainly wanted opinion and comment on the idea of running it during a cycle... in particular... the cycle I outlined.

    Any info/advice?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    Unless you have a gyno issue I would leave the nolva for PCT.
    I do not think I have a gyno issue. Why would I say I don't think? Well, for years, since I first began to be overweight, I had 'man boobs.' I remember when Homer Simpson was on a hunger strike and grasped his chest claiming, "I'm down to a B-cup!" I've felt like that before.

    Anyway, I've basically always pressed and examined myself, even before using any 'substances' to see if I had some gyno going on, or if it was a result of high BF%. I'm still not completely sure. I have lost a lot of weight in the last year and a half. Still, the torso is where I carry most of it. When I press the nipple area on the right side, I get nothing but soft tissue. A little firbrous, but nothing hard/solid or painful. On the left side, which feels firmer overall, I have concerns. There are no tell-tale 'lumps' or bumps, but it does feel different. Less give.

    Anyway... my chest doesn't really have that 'female' boob look, so I'm still believing I just need to continue getting my BF down and training. I have considered (since I have used Nolva PCT a few times now) running a 'cycle' of Nolva (or investigating other products) that are supposed to combat gyno, just to see if they make a difference for me. Rather than that, at this point, I just thought I'd run it during the cycle... for the reasons I mentioned above... and also for this, I'd suppose I'd say 'mild' gyno concern.

  7. BUMP

    Any other thoughts re: running Nolva while on this cycle?

    I must admit, whereas I was leaning towards doing so just a day or so ago, I am now thinking no.

    But... I'd still like to hear any facts and/or informed opinion as to why or why not this would or would not be a good idea, etc.


  8. i'm running 20mg ed on my current cycle. reason being that gyno started reering it's ugly head early in the cycle and 20mg's keeps it from getting worse.

    IMO, don't take it unless you need to, i.e. gyno. a 4 week cycle isn't much to fret about with lipids. nolva during PCT should take care of that.


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