Before and after pics(2 cycles)

  1. Before and after pics(2 cycles)

    Here is november pics and mar pics... Talk to ya
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  2. front....
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  3. Quite the improvment curt!! Good job man!


  4. yep, definitely thicker... arms and chest especially clear to me... nice job curt!

  5. Hell yea man.....especially the front one.... a lot more mass brother....

  6. Nice job bro! What was the overall weight gain in that time? You can definitely see it in the front.

  7. iT WAS FRON 172.5 TO 197LBS.... ABOUT 25 IN TOTAL.... TALK TO YA..

  8. Hmm....wonder what Curt puts in his homebrews

  9. I am the only person that uses both IPP and IPM.. hehehe Talk to ya

  10. Very impressive, Curt. That kind of improvement shows a lot of hard work and dedication. prohormones are just the icing on the cake.

  11. Great to see your progress Curt.

  12. Nice job, you are getting there bro. Now you just need some real dosages, and we will see what happens.

  13. Clearly hard work does pay off. Way to go and keep at it.

  14. Originally posted by wardog
    Nice job, you are getting there bro. Now you just need some real dosages, and we will see what happens.
    lol... nudge nudge from the WD, how can you not step it up?

  15. hey i didn;t know fat was the same as mass?
    just kidding curtis you are bigger now lets see what it looks like cut up?

  16. Definitely see the improvements. Good job, keep it up.

  17. Looks like you started training hard and eating more. Good job.

  18. Noticably thicker. It's all good

  19. great improvement...chest is looking much bigger..

    now you just need a tan .lol


  20. Thanx guys.. I will show pics when I am cut... Talk to ya.. ABS here i come... heheheh

  21. Good job curt! keep it up...

  22. You had your shot at me.....Now is it time for revenge???
    J/K!! Good job Bro!!


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