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  1. peanut-size

  2. Quote Originally Posted by handzilla
    How bad was shutdown on the e...max?
    No idea, I did not get bloodwork mid-cycle. However, judging based on size, which is completely inaccurate, no change.

  3. silversurfer, do you always have a hard time gaining weight? SD seemed a little better than the emax for you, but not that much?

    handzilla, that's Serge Nubret, isn't it? Talk about the golden days of BBing...

    I am currently on e...max, 7th day of 10mg and I already am noticing some shrinkage, although I am on formestane at the same time and I heard that is somewhat suppressive also. Er... Enough hijacking.

  4. I don't put on weight as fast as others, but that's ok, I know it takes time.
    The root cause is diet discipline. I have to get better at managing my time and making sure I eat.
  5. Post End of week 6

    Weight: 180 lbs (on empty)
    * +9 lbs from official starting weight; +3 lbs from last week
    * face and scalp still a bit oily; scalp is still itchy; still doing AA scalp applications
    * body still not as puffy, however bloat became more noticeable in my midsection; started Nolva on Thursday and took my last SD dose on Friday
    * I was a little edgy this week and started feeling a little sick, although several family members, friends and co-workers have been passing around some kind of bug so this may not be entirely related to my cycle
    * lethargy still noticeable but more manageable the last few days

    I'm very happy with my gains thus far!!! I have never been 180 lbs before so this is a big deal to me. I know that I'll probably lose some of this weight during PCT because some of it is water and fat. However, I'm going to continue gradually increasing my daily caloric intake and do my best to maintain as much, if not all, LBM as possible. My main goal is to get beyond 200 lbs this winter then cut a little if needed for definition, etc. and "showcase" the new me next spring/summer. I'm goiong to do my best and attempt to gain the remaining 20 lbs with just food and training

    This is the end of my "ON" cycle. I'm officially starting PCT today. Diet will be just as clean as it was while "ON" and will last at least four weeks. PCT will consist of Nolva, RXT, and ZMA. I'm also adding CEE, Taurine, ALCAR, and CM back into my diet as pre and post WO supplements. Lastly, I will continue taking my Ultra 40 liver tablets @ 20 tabs ED.

  6. What was yourtraining volume like? I think the best way to keep the muscle when going to PCT is by lowering total volume and if at all possible increasing intensity. But that's just theory; I have searched and found very little about volume/intensity during PCT. So if someone wants to chime in, I think that can be helpful.

  7. I'm using Bobo's (FLA Nutrition) deluxe muscle building program.
  8. Post End of week 7 - End of week 1 PCT

    Weight: 180 lbs (on empty)
    * +9 lbs from official starting weight; +0 lbs from last week
    * bloat has receeded a lot, now the fat has become more noticeable
    * not as edgy, however I noticed that I have to eat regularly or I get a very strange feeling like my blood sugar level is low or something
    * there is some discomfort on my right side around the ribcage area, I'm going to schedule a Dr appointment sometime this week to get it checked. I've mentioned it to him before and I get it checked every time (I have to get regular checkups due to a medical condition), it kind of comes and goes. He does some basic testing by asking my to inhale then he applies pressure at and under the ribcage as I exhale. He says it is a common test and he knows if there is something wrong witht he liver if the patient shows the slightest discomfort. Problem is I feel nothing (other than his cold fingers) when he does this to me. Perhaps it is time to go a step further and get more detailed bloodwork and imaging done. I'll report back on this...
    * lethargy basically gone, I'm back to normal
    * Work has been crazy and I have not had much time for the gym, in fact I have not been to the gym since last Sunday when I did legs.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by tiggermoon
    that cat is fukkin cool

  10. he's an old street fighter i pulled off death row 14 years ago.

  11. Post End of week 8 - End of week 2 PCT

    Weight: 176 lbs (on empty)
    * +5 lbs from official starting weight; -4 lbs from last week
    * bloat has increased a lot but I think it is due to a virus or an infection. I've been feeling ill all week and my stool has been somewhat loose. I'm going to see the doctor on Wednesday.
    * the discomfort on my right side started spreading and I think it is related to my digestive issue described above. A couple of times my stomach felt like it was very irritated
    * I still have to eat regularly or I get a very strange feeling like my blood sugar level is low or something, although the feeling is not as dramatic as it was last week
    * lethargy no longer an issue, I'm back to normal
    * I did one full body workout yesterday, and before that it had been almost two weeks since my last workout - work has been out of control
    * I'm down 4 lbs from last week, I suspect part of this is simply water loss, but I think some of it is related to whatever is going on with my digestive system

  12. I think most people overestimate Ergomax/E...max. I know I did. After the reports and scarcity of the steroid, I thought it would be much better.

    I gained much more with Superdrol, and felt better, too.

    I think E...Max kinda sux...but to each his own. I may try an E...Max only cycle for two weeks just to test it.
  13. Post End of week 12 - End of week 6 PCT

    Weight: 175 lbs (on empty)
    * +4 lbs from official starting weight; -5 lbs from last week
    * all bloat and water is gone - my body feels normal again.
    * the discomfort on my right side was in my intestine and it is gone
    * lethargy and random dizzyness is gone
    * acne started flaring up again, perhaps my natural test production is kicking in
    * work is kicking my ass; I have not been to the gym in like 2 1/2 weeks!!! Time to go back before I start getting fat - no excuses!!!

    This is the last post for this cycle log. I'm content with the results although I think it could have gone a lot better. My webcam broke so I'll post "post-PCT" pictures as soon as I get a replacement or buy a digital camera.
    I think it will be CEE, Taurine, CM, and ALCAR for the winter bulk, and of course food.

    Thanks for tuning in.


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