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  1. What was yourtraining volume like? I think the best way to keep the muscle when going to PCT is by lowering total volume and if at all possible increasing intensity. But that's just theory; I have searched and found very little about volume/intensity during PCT. So if someone wants to chime in, I think that can be helpful.

  2. I'm using Bobo's (FLA Nutrition) deluxe muscle building program.

  3. Post End of week 7 - End of week 1 PCT

    Weight: 180 lbs (on empty)
    * +9 lbs from official starting weight; +0 lbs from last week
    * bloat has receeded a lot, now the fat has become more noticeable
    * not as edgy, however I noticed that I have to eat regularly or I get a very strange feeling like my blood sugar level is low or something
    * there is some discomfort on my right side around the ribcage area, I'm going to schedule a Dr appointment sometime this week to get it checked. I've mentioned it to him before and I get it checked every time (I have to get regular checkups due to a medical condition), it kind of comes and goes. He does some basic testing by asking my to inhale then he applies pressure at and under the ribcage as I exhale. He says it is a common test and he knows if there is something wrong witht he liver if the patient shows the slightest discomfort. Problem is I feel nothing (other than his cold fingers) when he does this to me. Perhaps it is time to go a step further and get more detailed bloodwork and imaging done. I'll report back on this...
    * lethargy basically gone, I'm back to normal
    * Work has been crazy and I have not had much time for the gym, in fact I have not been to the gym since last Sunday when I did legs.

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  6. Post End of week 8 - End of week 2 PCT

    Weight: 176 lbs (on empty)
    * +5 lbs from official starting weight; -4 lbs from last week
    * bloat has increased a lot but I think it is due to a virus or an infection. I've been feeling ill all week and my stool has been somewhat loose. I'm going to see the doctor on Wednesday.
    * the discomfort on my right side started spreading and I think it is related to my digestive issue described above. A couple of times my stomach felt like it was very irritated
    * I still have to eat regularly or I get a very strange feeling like my blood sugar level is low or something, although the feeling is not as dramatic as it was last week
    * lethargy no longer an issue, I'm back to normal
    * I did one full body workout yesterday, and before that it had been almost two weeks since my last workout - work has been out of control
    * I'm down 4 lbs from last week, I suspect part of this is simply water loss, but I think some of it is related to whatever is going on with my digestive system

  7. I think most people overestimate Ergomax/E...max. I know I did. After the reports and scarcity of the steroid, I thought it would be much better.

    I gained much more with Superdrol, and felt better, too.

    I think E...Max kinda sux...but to each his own. I may try an E...Max only cycle for two weeks just to test it.
  8. Post End of week 12 - End of week 6 PCT

    Weight: 175 lbs (on empty)
    * +4 lbs from official starting weight; -5 lbs from last week
    * all bloat and water is gone - my body feels normal again.
    * the discomfort on my right side was in my intestine and it is gone
    * lethargy and random dizzyness is gone
    * acne started flaring up again, perhaps my natural test production is kicking in
    * work is kicking my ass; I have not been to the gym in like 2 1/2 weeks!!! Time to go back before I start getting fat - no excuses!!!

    This is the last post for this cycle log. I'm content with the results although I think it could have gone a lot better. My webcam broke so I'll post "post-PCT" pictures as soon as I get a replacement or buy a digital camera.
    I think it will be CEE, Taurine, CM, and ALCAR for the winter bulk, and of course food.

    Thanks for tuning in.


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