here it is, my training,diet,supplement routines..thoughts?

  1. here it is, my training,diet,supplement routines..thoughts?

    23 yo, 185 11-12%bf, 5'7"    &n bsp;   goal by June20th  195-200  8% or less bf

    monday     chest/legs/lower back
        fla t bench dumbbell press  1x12
                                                      3x 8-10
      incline dumbell press    & nbsp; 1x12
                                                 3x 8-10
      pec dec    &nb sp; 4x failure (drop sets)
       leg press    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;   3x 6-10
        leg extensions   &n bsp;    &n bsp;    &n bsp;   1x12
                                                   3x 6-10
      stiff leg deadlifts   &nb sp;    &nb sp;      3x 6-10

    Tuesday    OFF

    Wed      &nb sp; shoulders/abs/HIT cardio
      dumbell press     1x12
                                &nb sp;  3x 6-10
      shrugs                    1x12
      bent over raises  1x12
                                     3x 6-10
      front raises          1x12
                          &nb sp;     &nb sp; 3x 6-10
      Abs on roman chair

      15 minutes HIT

    Thursday   upper back/LIT cardio
      T-bar rows (hammer strength)   &nb sp;  1x12
                                                              &nb sp;   3x 6-10
      seated cable rows                            3x 6-10
       lat pull downs    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    1x12
                                                                  3 x 6-10
      30-45 min. bike

    Friday    Arms/HIT cardio 
       alternate dumbell curls    & nbsp; 4x6-10
      standing barbell curls    & nbsp; 4x6-10
      reverse curls    & nbsp;  4x failure
      Tricep extensions   &n bsp;  4x6-10
      machine pushdowns   &nb sp;  4x10-12

    saturday   ABS/LIT cardio
       5 mile walk
      abs   1/4 sit ups/hanging leg raises

    sunday     off

        Cuttin g Diet

    6:30 am  5 whole eggs
       cup cottage cheese (part skim)
      2 slice whole wheat toast
      6 liver tabs
      4 flax oil soft gels
      1000mg vitamin C
      cals. 702    Total fat: 30.5 g (8 sat.) Carbs. 46g  Protein 62.2 grams  

    10:30 am 1 prolab lean mass matrix MRP
      cals: 390   total fat: 8g (3g sat)  carbs: 40g    Protein:  40g

    1:30 pm  1 can tuna w/ 2 tbsp light mayo
      2 slice whole wheat bread
      6 liver tabs
      500mg vitamin C
      cals: 455    total fat: 15.5g (2g sat)   carbs: 38g   Protein: 45.5

    4:30 pm  Pre-workout
      1 scoop whey  (opt nut)
       cup (40g) rolled oats
      cals 260   total fat: 4.5g (1.5sat)   &nbs p; carbs: 30g  protein:27g

    5:30 pm  gym

    7:00 pm  post workout
      2 scoops whey (opt nut) 
      40-80g oats
      6 liver tabs
      1000 mg/vitamin C
    (with 40g oats)  cals:  412    total fat: 6g (2.5 sat)  carbs: 33g  protein: 59.2g

    9:00 pm  1 Lean mass matrix MRP
      12 oz skim milk.
      6liver tabs
      2 flaxoil soft gels
      cals:  510  Total fat 12g (3g sat)  carbs:  58g     protein 62.2

    TOTAL:  cals: 2792    &n bsp; Total fat: 66.5 (20g sat)  carbs: 245g  protein: 296

    1st week, remaining T1-pro @ 3 squirts/day until empty

    240ml T-gel w 6g fina/5g 4ad   4 squirts (8ml)/day for 30 days

    BSN Thermonex

    Prolab Easy To Swallow Cuts II

    Hopefully I will be able to test the new fatburner this site is working on, that would be nice.

    Following cycle, liquid clomid @ 21 days

    day 1: 300mg    next 10 :100mg/day   final 10: 50mg/day


    There it is folks, let me have it, thanks.





  2. by the way, my BMR is 3156

  3. so no one has comments?

  4. im no pro--but it looks great to me, are yu gonna eat the same thing every day?

  5. chest and legs on the same day is stupid. After chest you should be too damn tired to even attempt legs. I think you should try and get your training down to a science before you start using roids. Fina is a harsh steroid.

  6. Originally posted by MA$$BUILDER
    chest and legs on the same day is stupid. After chest you should be too damn tired to even attempt legs. I think you should try and get your training down to a science before you start using roids. Fina is a harsh steroid.

    thanks for the insight, but its going to have to be the way I have it.  Due to things beyond my control, this is sort of the only way I would have time to get all the body parts in.


    My chest will be tired, but its really not going to effect my legs.  Also Tuesday will be my off day, which i have no say in.  Therefore I would have to do legs before that...then I said...self...If your cutting, why not throw in some chest that day.

    so while it might be stupid to you, it should work fine for me.  If not..then I change it up, simple as that.


    And yes, the plan is to eat the same thing everyday.  Its only going to be 5 weeks.  I mean if I feel like eating something different, I will.  I will just have to try and eat something with the same nutritional value as what I had planned.




  7. Its hard to critique because it cant be quoted, so I wont go into detail, but why no close grip bench or skull crushers for Tri's? Those build mass like no other.

    Diet looks pretty good. I might lower my carbs just a bit if I were you, maybe not yet, but after a week in, if you're not losing as much as you thought, drop the carbs a bit. Goodluck man

  8. I was probably going to do skull really depends on whats available at the gym is pretty small..and theres always people doing the same **** i want to do..or use but skull crushers might get thrown i said, for the first week i will see how this works out. Change up if needed.

    I was thinking the same thing about the carbs also. When i worked it out on paper, it seemed kind of high. Not sure where to eliminate them though, maybe i can lower the amounts pre and post workout....and cut it to one pice of toast or something in the morning.

    what do you think?



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