Questions about using SD

  1. Smile Questions about using SD

    hey guys im new to this forum and i got lots of questions. First im 21 years old and have been training because i played football since i was 14. I am currently off for the year from chicagos semi-pro football league and trying to get back in shape. I have been lifting on and off for the last year but more heavily for the last 6 months building a good base. Im 5'11' 215lbs with 19% BF. Now im taking Universal animal pack, VPX micellean, L-glutamine, and DHEA 25 (dehydro) and also Satur 8 creatine. Now im new to SD but have been doing lots of research and reading everybodys logs. Im considering taking in after one more hard month of training. Im going to order SD with Prima Force pro liver and reboutXT for my PCt. What other supplements do I need to take or you would recomend. I also read that i need to take Hawthorn Berry to prepare my body for 3 weeks before taking SD. What is everybodys suggestions....thanks

    i also plan on cycling the SD 10/10/20
    im going to take the prima force pro liver while on the SD and taking the l-glutamine and animal pack and micellean as protein in my SD cycle.

    my PCT is going to be 4 weeks one extra for recovery. Im not sure what i should do for dosages on the REbound XT but i plan on keeping the other supplements going during my PCT to get my lipids back to the norm...what can you suggest????

  2. I suggest you do a small search.. I think your question has been asked and answered not long ago

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