SD results summary

  1. SD results summary

    Yea i think this stuff helped me a little bit.

    *edit for my people misusing my pics*

  2. jesus bro ur traps ****ed exploded lol
    lookin real good

  3. Definitely a HUGE difference - your traps exploded, but so did your tri's and shoulders, and back too!

    Great work!


  4. Nice work Cursed. Unfortunely my acne explodes right along with my traps and back. lol.

    I seriously hate all of you that can juice with no acne. j/k lol

  5. Thanks guys. yea i look at the after picture with the traps and i cant even believe it lol. i am pumped up in that picture though, and not really in the before one.


  6. great work - what was the cycle exactly?
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  7. Nice job. Can I ask how many lbs you gained on the cycle? And what was the cycle like/diet?

  8. bump
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  9. Cycled oral was superdrol. and my diet sucked while i was on it, i was lucky to eat 3000 calories a day, i think, i dont count calories. it was really hard to eat a lot. I gained about 10 pounds, and almost three weeks later a few days from finishing pct i have a little over half of it still. i am a lot leaner now, although my pct stuff might have something to do with that (nolva, LX, DHEA, pro liver, CoQ10).
    cycle was great, i'd do it again but im going to wait a while. pct sucked at first but its nothing now.



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