ryanbb-3rd Run

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  1. ryanbb-3rd Run

    Starting August 1st
    Age: 27yrs
    Height: 5'8.5"
    Weight: 202 BF 15%
    History: Training for 5 years, 2 cycles under my belt (dbol/test, and test/eq) (started at 145 5yrs ago, got up too 185 1.5yr ago naturally)

    1-4 dbol 40mg ed
    1-10 test blend 600mg/wk
    1-10 deca 400mg/wk
    1-10 5aa cyp (very similiar to masteron) 600mg/wk
    11-13 test prop 100mg eod
    3-12 hcg 500iu/wk
    1-5 transdermal formestane 200mg ed
    14-18 PCT
    14-18 pct (nolva, dhea, activate, reboundxt, lean extreme, cissus, fenugreek)


    Tues: chest/tris 12 sets per
    Thurs: Back/Bis 12 sets per
    Sat: Legs/Abs 18/10
    Sun: Shoulders/Traps 12/5

    Standard 40/30/30 diet

    Taken as often as possible hopefully weekly with full body progress pics

    goal is to gain as much lean mass as possible, and hope for a recomp...starting around 202 at 15% and wish to get up too 215 at 12% or so
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  2. starting this cycle tomorrow...I will keep everyone updated....I lift heavy so I wont post my lifts, but I will post how I feel and look and even post pictures weekly

  3. you do measurements?

  4. not all the time..arms are 18.75 and quads are around 25 or so....i have good even size all over..i just need alot more of it.....my chest with flexed lats is 55

  5. Thursday: 20mg DBOL 300mg test, 300mg 5aacyp, 200mg deca

    Squats 225x15, 275x13, 275x13, 275x13, 225x15
    Leg Curl 140x20, 140x20, 140x20
    Leg Ext 160x20, 160x20, 160x20
    Calf Raise 150x15, 150x15, 150x15, 150x15, 150x15

  6. starting 40mg of dbol/day here on our for 25 days....cant wait for the injectables to kick in!

  7. Friday:
    bench 10x225, 10x275, 6x315. 225x10
    incline bench 10x135, 8x175, 8x175, 10x135
    flye-machine 10x160, 10x175, 8x190, 10x175
    dumbbell curl 10x35, 10x40, 10x45, 8x50
    hammer curl 10x35, 10x40, 10x40, 8x45
    preacher curl 10x100, 10x120, 8x130, 10x120

    Current Weight: 203lbs

  8. Saturday:
    Shoulders, Tris, Back
    Sunday: helped my brother move which took like 4 hours (about 850cals burned)
    Monday: Off

    Also lowered my dbol dosage to 30mg because my dbol is actually really potent! Major muscle pumps which last several days!

  9. do you get back pumps from dbol? those really kick my ass.

  10. only been on the dbol for about 5 days now..but getting crazy pumps even on muscles i havent worked...its great..i love dbol but the first time i used it was denkall vet gear and it didnt do anything to me!

  11. Ryan, what happened to the masteron enan?

  12. i still have it neuro....however i got the 5aacyp for free and might as well use it! i am saving the mast enan for my next cycle

  13. Can't go wrong with a freebee!

    Good luck with the cycle bro.


  14. Mon: Off
    Tues: Off
    Tomorrow: Chest/Tris
    Thur: Back/Bis

    I may have decided to stretch this cycle longer making the deca at a full 15 weeks and the 5aacyp/test as well with prop at the end for last 2 weeks...not even a week over, and I am damn excited about this cycle...this one was much more well thought out and my diet is spot on....

    Starting Weight: 199
    Current Weight: 202

  15. Bump for updates...

  16. sorry i have been updating this log on another board bodybuildingforyou dot com..

    Current Weight: 207
    Strength is through the roof, and today marks only 2 weeks in! 9lbs in 2 weeks cant beat that...and its all quality mass too..i have lost some fat and starting to get seperation in my legs...I am going to be stretching this cycle out to 18 weeks per the help of glenihan like this:

    1-5 dbol 30mg ed
    1-15 test blend 600mg/wk
    1-15 deca 400mg/wk
    1-15 5aacyp 600mg/wk
    16-18 test prop 100mg eod
    2-17 hcg 500iu/wk
    15-18 prostandozol 75mg ed (maybe not sure)
    19-24 PCT (lean xtreme, reboundxt, tribulus, nolva, cissus, creatine)

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ryanbodybuilder
    1-5 dbol 30mg ed
    1-15 test blend 600mg/wk
    1-15 deca 400mg/wk
    1-15 5aacyp 600mg/wk
    16-18 test prop 100mg eod
    2-17 hcg 500iu/wk
    15-18 prostandozol 75mg ed (maybe not sure)
    19-24 PCT (lean xtreme, reboundxt, tribulus, nolva, cissus, creatine)

  18. Day 21
    Weight: 210

    Everything is going great, endurance is up, but strength is still where it was......I can definately see the dream of 215 becoming a reality after this cycle....and probably still running it 18 weeks.....we'll see though

  19. Keep us updated!

  20. Hey ***, looks like you're packing it on. You're making me antsy for my bulk

  21. thanks bulk ya homo!

    Day 26: Weight 210

    Still up 12lbs....Feeling really pumped all the time, my back is killing me, and my arms feel enormous everyday.....i dropped the 5aacyp a couple weeks back and i am just using test/deca here on out for a total of 15 weeks....probably add in the 5aacyp the last 5 weeks..not sure though since this is a bulk and i might as well pack all on that i can...I want to be maybe 215-220 at the end of this....i am only 5'9 so that should be a great feat.....

  22. Day 31 or 32:

    Weight: 211 and less BF% if anything

    Deca should kick in this week, and I should really start feeling some
    good effects from that......dbol is done as of tonite....here are a couple
    pics I recently took.....the one of me in my shirt is actually an XL shirt and I am NOT
    flexing...because i am at my desk here at work....no comments about the shirt guys, its
    normally not that tight, but i have gained 13lbs in 4 weeks and that is the cause!

    My legs are really getting huge, I will take some pics of them later this week.
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  23. Looking big, bro. Subscribed. Also, how long ago was your last cycle, just to know?

  24. i did my first every cycle of test/dbol last fall, and then a eq/test cycle last late winter/spring...i took 4 months off in between each.....that is the norm....I am strecthing this cycle out probably 15 weeks of test/deca though, with prop at the end for 3 weeks to let the deca clear my system...then continue bulking naturally until spring time and then a test/tren cutter

  25. yeah my legs are getting more dense..I am now 211lbs
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