First Cycle, Looking for advice

  1. First Cycle, Looking for advice

    Hey guys, I love the forum have been very helpful...and after reading up on it I'm going to take the SD plunge...this will be my first cycle of anything (other than creatine...or nitrix or something of that nature)...since it is my first cycle I plan on running SD by itself for 4 weeks (10, 10, 20, 20) and PCT will be rebound and xtremelean...stats are:

    age: 24
    weight: 150lbs
    height: 5'9"
    bench: 215lbs
    squat: 235lbs
    BF%: 8% or there about

    been working out with weights and cardio for 2 years...I'm really hoping this stuff will help me beef up without much side effect...on the rebound and xtremelean...what should I be running the dosage at and for how long...also if I like SD, how long after PCT runs should I start another cycle? Thanks for your help

  2. the dosage you gave originally will be good for a first timer, 10/10/20/20. general rule is time on = time off.

  3. that what the dosage for the lean xtreme and the rebound should be as well?...Thanks for the quick reply

  4. rebound- what worked well for me was like this:
    10 days - 3 caps (2 with breakfast, 1 with bedtime meal)
    next 10 days - 2 caps (1 breakfast, 1 bedtime meal)
    last 10 days - 1 cap (1 breakfast)

    lean extreme- again, what worked for me was:
    1 upon waking, 1 four hours later, 1 before bed.
    kept it that way for a month, worked great.

    both ways allow 1 bottle of each to last 30 days.

    also, i suggest running nolva with this to improve lipids after an oral cycle. 40/40/20/20 will suffice.

  5. sounds good...I'll pick up the nolva as well...I should run that during my cycle or during my PCT...THanks again for your help, man

  6. nolva during PCT with rebound/lean extreme. no problem.

  7. cool sounds like a plan...I appreciate all your help

  8. great post!

    what else do you guys recommend on cycle?
    flax seed oil and milk thistle?

    what is ryr stand for?


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