1test, 4ad & mdht cutter

  1. 1test, 4ad & mdht cutter

    Hey guys, Im thinking of running a cutting cycle next month.
    Ive never tried a cutting cycle before so any feedback would be appreciated.
    wk 1-6
    300mg 1test trans ed
    150mg 4ad trans ed
    75 mg mdht

    wk 1-2 eca
    wk 3-4 clen
    wk 5-6 eca

    My training schedule is kickboxing 3 days per week, and weight training 3 days per week. But hopefully though if the androgens help my recovery time Id like to weight train 4 days per week.

    I don't know what my bf level is but I assume it's pretty high. I have a 38 inch waiste. Here is a pic to see what I have to work with.
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  2. Thumbs up

    that picture is hilarious!

  3. I haven't started that cycle yet but I reworked it like:
    300mg 1 test trans
    300mg 4ad trans
    50 mg mdht

    I just used the Eca stack for 2 weeks and lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off my waiste. I plan on using clen for 2 weeks, then starting my cycle.
    Is that ok to cycle clen and eca like that? I thought I read that's what people do but it was a while ago.

  4. Dude, if you are getting such good results with ECA, and have clen, i would just run those and leave the androgens for later in the game.

    Just my opinion.

    BTW what kind of kickboxing do you do? MT or american

  5. Im doing American. The teacher is from africa though and he's pretty awesome. The school is supposed to be getting a muay thai guy soon though, so Ill get to try both.

  6. Well I just started my plan today. Everything is the same with the exception that since I don't have enough mdht for 75mg a day I'm adding 25mg of M5aa for a preworkout boost.
    It's been two months that I've been training every day. I'm also doing landscaping this summer. I wanted a good manual labor job to help me get in shape.
    I'm down to about 203 from 223 about 2 months ago. My body is holding up really well and I feel pretty good.
    I don't know how long it will take me to get to 10% bf but Im not afraid to go down to 190. I want to get body comp done this weekend to find out where Im at.
    Im slowly phasing out carbs from my diet (with 1 cheat day on saturday.)
    -grape nut cereal with mint chocolate protein.
    -Egg salad pita bread sandwhich-about 6 whites 2 yolks and an orange on side
    -plain chic breast
    -plain chic breast
    -20gm protein shake pre workout
    -gatorade for workout
    -40 gm protein shake post workout
    -steak and yam

  7. Well it's been about a week, no huge changes yet. I lost a half an inch to an inch off my waist(depending on measuring morning or night) but weight is about the same. I cut out more carbs from my diet now it's kind of like-

    breakfast-2 hard boiled eggs and 20g protein shake w/ teaspoon flax oil.
    second breakfast- 4 hard boiled egg whites
    lunch chic breast and a handfull of almonds
    snack- handfull of almonds
    after work snack- protein shake & cottage cheese, & zinger pickles(spicy hot)
    post workout-40g protein shake
    dinner-probably cottage cheese yum

  8. I got my bf calipers in the mail today, I average 13%. Waist was down another .5 inch this morning, But I'm at about 35 inches this afternoon weighing 205.
    So to get to my goal of 10%bf I'd have to lose another 6.5 pounds of fat, that doesn't sound too hard.
    Ok time to hit the gym.

  9. Dang, I think that M5 just kicked in today as I was doing my squats listening to headphones when the rolling stones song painted black came on and I just got all hyped up. Then some meatloaf song came on and I don't even like him but that made me feel all hyped. So I attacked those weights like an animal.

  10. Well I'm about 12 days in, weight is down to 200. Waist is at 34&1/4 inches. I stopped taking the ECA a few days ago, just to give my beta receptors a break. I think after 2 weeks I'll start again.

    Time to go eat some smelt.

  11. No huge changes to note. I'm able to fit into some old jean shorts with a 32 inch waist. I haven't been able to wear them forever. So thats cool, it's like getting free clothes.

    Does anyone know if any of these compounds cause back pumps? Because my back has just been tight for this past week.

  12. Well I'm half way through. My weight loss sort of stalled as I took a break from ECA for 2 weeks I think I'll start again on saturday. I'm starting to see some seperation between my bicep tricep and delt. So that's cool but I'm not there yet.

    Yesterday at work I had to roll this 20 foot birch tree root ball up a hill ajacent to a retaining wall. Basically we used a machine to set it over the wall, but we couldn't use the ball cart because the tree was so tall and it was getting in the way of these other 2 trees we had planted. Long story short I didn't think we'd ever get it up the hill. My boss tried after I moved it a little and he couldn't even budge it. After a bunch of heaving we just kept getting closer and closer to the hole so I kept going. Afterward my right arm was so sore from pulling on the bottom and pushing on the top with the other. I squeezed the muscle and I could literally feel the lactic acid squeezing out(maybe I have an active imagination). Afterward Another guy came to help and we had to roll another tree up the same way but it was much easier with an extra set of hands.
    So anyways my right bicep is sore today(amazing my arm held up in kickboxing last night) and it's back and bicep day today. I think I'll just train my left bicep.
    Next time I have to do a really hard lift I'm going to imagine rolling that rootball uphill when it seemed impossible. That should get me mentally ready eh.

  13. I had a bad day at work today. Found out I'm allergic to bee stings. I think I'm going to try to make it in for kickboxing but my wrist is swollen where I got stung, and my shoulder hurts where the doc pumped me full of benadryl.

  14. Sweet! I get to carry around an adrenalin shot with me in case I ever have another allergic reaction to a sting.

    I trained delts and traps yesterday and it went pretty good considering the sting and benadryl I'm on. Mainly I've been trying to maintain strength on all my lifts. I might have lost a little power but am gaining endurance.
    My delts are finally looking the way I always wanted them too, at least while I'm lifting. So I like to go sleevles on delt day for the confidence boost I get when they're all pumped and stirated.
    Weight was at 198 yesterday but I think the sudden loss might have been from friday when I missed a couple meals due to the ordeal.

  15. Well weight is at 197, bf is around 12.7% I'm pinching 10mm now so that's good. I started out getting 12's and 13's. I only need to get down to the 8-9 range which is like 10.5%.

    Cutting is slow, however, and I don't know if I'll be at my goal by the time this cycle is over. I wonder if I should order another bottle of t-gel and extend it out a few more weeks?

    Anyways the cycle is going well with no sides to speak of. I am getting in better condition. After I work my butt off in kickboxing which is like an hour of nonstop intensity. I go to my other gym and work the bag for 50 round house kicks with each leg, I'll do more if I can.

  16. Well after thinking for a while I think I will end the cycle after 6 weeks. It's been great and I know 8 weeks would have been better. But I want to run a 12 week 4ad, 1 test cyp cycle this winter when I am laid off, and I think if I run my current cycle another 4 weeks there wont be enough time off.
    I want to maximize my training during the winter months off which should be some time in November. Then in february I go on a cruise from new orleans to the carribean. They're going to have this band the Radiators play like 5 shows on the boat too. It's going to rock. Then when we get back to N.O. were going to get to spend 1 night at the mardigras! The only problem is I'll have to be on pct when I'm on the cruise, and I suppose I'll have to use the weight room too so I can maintain something while I'm in that vulnerable state.

    So in another 2 weeks I'll be done with my cutter. I don't think I'll make my goal even though I've been working my ass off. I'll post a before and after pic along with a pic from a year ago before I cycled anything.

  17. I went to the mn state fair last night. There were so many drunken ladies, I need to go back. I was good though and only ate an elk burger, diet pepsi, corn on the cob, and an ice cream cone. It was cheat day anyways so hey.

    Gotta go train legs today. I've been doing pretty well with 6 sets of squats, then working the bag with my kicks for 30 min, then either bike riding or jump rope for 30 min. Today looks like a good day for a ride around the lake. Maybe even bike to the lake then run around it, well see.

    Edit to post-
    Just got back from the Y, weight is at 195.

    Squats were dragging with the high rep stuff(12's) I had been doing, I just didn't feel the energy for it. So I started going higher weight lower reps. That went better. Workout went like-
    65X12 warm up(working in while some lady was finishing)

    I didn't feel like working on the bag, I want to go on that bike ride. Probably go back tonight.

  18. Well guy's I've got about another week on, but I decided to end the low carb stuff. I'm getting some minor injuries that are taking a long time to heal. Mainly the day after my great leg workout last week at kickboxing we were doing these drills with a low round house kick spinning around and then a jumping round house. I got a charlie horse in my leg for like a week from trying that. That is one hard move. But I haven't missed any workouts since. I think I'm going to skip legs today though.

    I decided to do my after pic now since next weekend I'm going camping at a music festival. Actually I've got pics from a year back before I did any cycle. Then a pic after I did superdrol, I blew up on that stuff. A pic a couple months later after I lost half my gains, and a pic as of today!

    This concludes my journal, have a good day!
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