ONE Cutting Cycle Log

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    ONE Cutting Cycle Log

    I`m going to keep a log of my ONE cycle.
    Please jump in & give me some advice.
    ONE courtesy of u4ik_rage

    BW: 86kg / 189lb
    BF: 18~20%

    DIET: 808 Carbs; 1156 Protein; 612 Fats > 2,576 Calories
    Breakdown: 31% Carbs; 45% Protein; 24% Fats.
    Maintenance: 2,700

    Diet consists of oatmeal, egg whites, flax oil, salmon, carrot, brocoli, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, cottage cheese.

    SUPPLEMENTS: Optimum 100% Whey; VP2; Dextrose;
    GlycoLoad; MultiV; Vit C; Amino Tabs; Creatine; Glutamine; Dymetadrine Xtreme.

    DOSING: Starting with 6 squirts x2 daily. (First dose was applied last night).

    Previous PH/PS Experience: 1-TU/4-AD transdermal; 1-AD/4-AD. Haven`t had anything in my system for 10 weeks.

    Monday - Back / Abs
    Lat Pulldowns 3x10-12
    W-G Chins 3x4-8
    Bent BB Rows 3x8-12
    Partial DL 3x6-10
    V-Rows 3x10-15
    Incl weighted crunches 2x15-20
    Incl hip raise 2x15-20

    Tuesday - Chest
    Incl DB 3x8-12
    Incl / Flat Flyes 3x8-12
    Decl DB / Flat BB 3x8-12
    1 Arm Pec Dec 2x8-12
    30 mins of low/mod intensity cardio

    Wednesday - Legs / Abs
    Squats 3x8-12
    Leg Press 2x10-15
    Leg Ext`n 3x10-15
    Leg Curl 4x10-15
    1 Leg Calf Raises 4x10-12
    Unweighted Incl crunches 2x20
    Unweighted Incl twisting crunches 2x20

    Thursday - Delts / Traps
    DB Press 3x8-12
    DB Lat Raise 3x 8-12
    DB Rear Raise 3x8-12
    DB Front Raise 2x8-12
    BB Shruggs 3x12-15
    Incl DB Shruggs 3x-12-15
    30 mins of low/mod intensity cardio

    Friday - Arms / Abs
    Ezi-Sculls 3x8-12
    Bench Dips / Dip Machine Pushdown 2x10-12
    Cable Pressdowns / Overhead DB Ext`n 3x8-12
    Ezi / Straight BB Curls 3x8-12
    Incl DB Curls / DB Preacher Curls 2x8-12
    Hammer Curls / Reverse Curls 2x8-12
    Cable Crunches 2x10-15
    Incl Hip Raises 2x 15-20
    30mins of low/mod intensity cardio

    Saturday - R&R

    Sunday - HIIT Cardio in the morning.

    CARDIO - 30-45 minutes of low/moderate intensity cardio performed on an empty stomach before breakfast x 3-5 times a week.

    I will alter the workload, diet & dosing according to how my body responds.

    ============================== =============
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  2. Nelson
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    When I applied the ONE last night I could `feel` it in my system shortly after.
    Am I imagining this?
    How much eca do you think I could run with this?
    I was thinking 10mg E / 100mg C four times a day every few hours & 24mg / 100 C (1 Dymetadrin Xtreme) pre-w/out.
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  3. Nelson
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    First workout since beginning application last night.
    Of course no effects as yet.
    But I did notice that my delt/trap area, which is where I applied the ONE last night, started to feel like I had just applied it again - hot and tingly.
    Does sweating have something to do with this?
    I also noticed that when I was taking a shower that I could feel the ONE on the delt/trap area from the application last night, ie it was like I had just applied it.
    Anyway with experience care to explain this.
    I shaved my quads tonight & applied the third application to that area.
    I will alternate applications between the quad & delt/trap area.
    So far no adverse reactions at application sites.

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