Following a 6 week cycle of:
weeks 1-2: m1t,1test,4ad
weeks3-6: 1test, 4ad

My PCT will be:
Nolva 40,40,20,20
DHEA, starting @ 75mg/day

1)Any thoughts on when to take all this? Its a lot.
2)WHat dose is effective for PCT for trib and fenugreek?

I have always had somewhat puffy nipples, nothing too noticable. Is there anything i can/should do in my PCT, and following PCT to limit/reduce my puffy nips?
I am thinking of adding 6oxo on the 2nd weekd due to my dhea intake. I figure nolva will take care of the estrogen that is there, and then 6oxo will prevent estrogen from forming via DHEA.THoughts?

Thanks a lot. I am pretty concerned about my nipples, advice would be greatly appreciated.

FYI: My nipples have been like this my whole life. Im not over weight (about 10% bf). Im pretty defined as well. I recently have gotten concerned because my body is looking pretty good but this damn nipple prob kinda ruins it for me. Im also concerned that it may be a case of Gynecomastia and when i lose some of my fitness it may get bad. Help me out.