My cutter HELP!

  1. My cutter HELP!

    hey guys whats up? my stats:5'10 220 15-20%bf. Ok ill get right to it. Heres my cutter cycle
    weeks 1-2 Clen 80-120mcg
    weeks 3,5 ECY 2 pills a day 30 min before workout
    weeks 1-5 camph 4 pills a day 2 caps in the morning and 4 hours later on an empty stomache
    other supps:mulit,fish oil , flax oil, whey protein, ALA
    MON: Bicpes, 30 min cardio
    TUES: TRIS Cardio 30min.
    WED: Chest,calves 25 min interval running
    THURS: off
    FRI: Back/Shoulders 25min cardio
    SAT: Abs, Cardio 30-40min.
    SUN: Off
    DIET: 4 meals a day:
    meal 1: 4 Egg white with whole wheat toast or oatmeal
    meal 2: power bar
    Pre workout shake
    post workout shake w/ tuna
    meal 3:lean meat with veggies and a salad
    meal 4:PB or cottage cheese with a fruit.
    Let me know how it looks and any critiques you may have to anything.

  2. I am not a big fan of the exercise split. What are you planning doing for leg work? Also, I personally wouldn't want to train triceps the day before benching. Would make for a really weak benching session each week. And a whole day devoted to biceps. I would just rethink the split imo, maybe do a more standard bodybuilding split, like push/pull or upper/lower or something similar.

  3. And I'd eat at LEAST 5 meals a day... It'll only help speed up your metabolism that much more...

  4. I agree, but there are actually 6 in there now. He just didn't count pre and post workout meals. The meals themselves could use a small bit of work (mainly the second one and more protein in meal one), but that would be better to address in the diet section.

  5. thanks for the advice i am looking for a new workout plan if any one has suggestions postit please. For meal one i am adding a banna and for my 2nd meal i am not sure what to add.



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