4AD + 1,4 AD cycle starts tomorrow

  1. 4AD + 1,4 AD cycle starts tomorrow

    First time trying 1,4AD. Have done 4AD by itself or in combo with 1T on previous occasions. As far as I'm concerned 4AD is my base since 1T caused too much hair loss. Was debating all week if I should cut this cycle or bulk. I figured since I'm limiting the cycle to 3 weeks I'll bulk. I mean, just how much fat if any can I put on in 3 weeks right? Anyway, will keep cals at 3500-4000 a day. Nothing secret or exotic, just alot of meat, milk, chicken and whatever I can get down. I hear the 1,4 AD will keep the appitite up so that will be good for me because sometimes I have a problem getting enough food by the end of the day. Ok now to stats-

    BF% by calipers-13%
    Chest-46 1/4
    waist-35 1/2 (mostly from bloat from eating alot)
    Incline-230 for 7 reps
    Presses-180 for 5 reps
    D. Rows-95 for 5 reps
    Curls-135 for 5 reps
    These weights have pretty much been my limit naturally. So I hope to make significant gains in strength. Maybe hit my peak or come close to when I last juiced 7 years ago which was Incline-250, presses-200, D.rows-105, and curls-145. I'll keep a weekly update. Oh, and dosages are going to be 1,4AD(oral)-900mg a day, 4AD(trans)560mg a day.6 oxo post cycle 3 tabs for 20 days. Wish me luck.
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  2. I'm not sure how well 4AD and 1,4andro are going to stack up to each other. Nordiol and 1,4 or 4ad probably would of been a better choice, but let us know how it goes.

  3. andro69,

    I have heard a lot of folks complain about loosing hair on 1-test. This is unfortunate because it seems to be one of the more effective PR's. Topical spiro would be the best candidate for stopping hair loss related to 1-test.

    Nizoral Man
    [email protected]

  4. Welcome Nizoralman, glad to have you here. I've heard good things about your products.

  5. Welcome, hair man You come very highly regarded.

  6. Originally posted by nizoralman

    I have heard a lot of folks complain about loosing hair on 1-test. This is unfortunate because it seems to be one of the more effective PR's. Topical spiro would be the best candidate for stopping hair loss related to 1-test.

    Nizoral Man
    [email protected]
    I'll definitely look into it if I plan to use 1T again. Thanks

  7. woah, look who joined the party, the hair man . I like the dosages on the 1,4 and the 4ad but I think you aren't going to see the full potential of the 1,4 until around 4 weeks as it takes that long for most to begin cranking. I would consider running 1,4 for 2 weeks before the 4ad to start to build up levels or just extend the cycle a little. Some believe you will experience appetite stimulation within a couple weeks but personally I never experience any gain in appetite so its tough for me to say.


  8. interesting -- definitly let us know your progress
    im concerned about the 1-t and hairloss
    was thinking of running a nor and 4-diol cycle in a few months
    good luck
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  9. Well today ends my first week. Not sure how to feel. I still weigh203 regardless of how much I'm eating. My arms still measure at 17". BUT, the good thing id my abs look tighter with slightly more definition. Just a tad but it encouraging none the less. Upper body look tighter too with more shape so all I can think is maybe I'm losing a little BF and replacing it with LBM. Not sure but I hope to see a little more of a significant gain next week. I'll keep those interested updated. Maybe even throw in a post cycle pic if I can get some good lighting.

  10. any strength increases to report?
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  11. Originally posted by Deoudes59
    any strength increases to report?
    Yeah, either 5 pounds on an excersice(5 on the incline) or up a couple reps. I've been extremely tired because of work but I'm still trying to lift with all I've got.

  12. I'm a little dissapointed with the first week of this cycle. I just don't have the pump, even when I'm not lifting that I had on the One+ cycle. Sex drive took a nasty dive. And I've been very lethargic getting up in the morning. I thought the 1,4AD would give me an increase in appetite like other people have stated but it has done nothing for it. So today I decided to start my cutting phase early this year and started today. So I'll run the 1,4ad and 4ad for the next 2 weeks then swtch to T-1(with some spiro of course) for 4 weeks. That should get my BF under 10% with the PH's hopefully holding on to all my LBM. So I'll try to get my girlfriend's digital cam so I can take before and afters.

  13. Ok, today's the end of the second week. Feel alot better than the first. The second week I decided to start my cutting cycle because of dissapointment with the lack of gains on the first while bulking. Anyway, sex drive is back. I don't feel as lethargic. First week is never strict as I like to take a week or 2 to break into strict eating. But the calipers tell me I am down 1% in BF to 12%. I can see the top 2 rows starting to come out. I still weigh 203, which is pretty encouraging, and my biceps are up 1/8" to 17 1/8. Strength is up on all exercises too. Not spectacular but noticable. One more week on the 1,4ad and 4ad than on to something new. Probably T-1 but fina with 4ad was crossing my mind. I better decide quick before it arrives too late. Anybody have any thoughts on what they would choose? 3 weeks of T-1 or 6 weeks of fina 4ad?

  14. End of week 3. Going out of town this weekend so let me write on the progress today. Well, I must say, I'm a little surprised. At the beginning of the week it all started to come together. Even though I cut back on cals I was continuing to gain strength. I just weighed myself this morning and I'm up to 206 from 202. Arms are now 17 1/4". Waist looks tighter, like the abs are trying to break out. Up 10lbs. on the Inclines, 5lbs. on curls and presses. I'm lifting more than ever naturally(?). My traps are getting huge. I'll be out of 1,4ad and androspray tomorrow but ordered some T-1 last monday. Hopefully it will get here by tomorrow so I can prolong my cycle another 3 weeks. Got some hair products from Nizoral man since I plan on using T-1 again. Hopefully it will keep my head youthful. I took some before pics and if I see a good difference after and get the balls to post them I will.

  15. Ok, well, my cycle ended yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with the results. 4lb. gain even though I was eating less. Strength continued going up, not dramatically but noticable. 1/4" gain on arms, and physique is a little tighter with abs starting to come out. The sides were nasty though. Believe it or not sex drive was completely gone even with 560mg of 4ad a day. Felt tired all day and all night. Was going to start T1 today but it was actually just shipped today . Started 6 oxo last night and liqua-clomid today. I sure hope that brings the drive back soon. And you guys are right about the liqua-clomid. That stuff taste like death. Anyway, hope to keep all my size and strength. This is andro69 signing out.


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