"First-timer" Superdrol Log

  1. "First-timer" Superdrol Log

    To give everybody some background information, I'm 5'11" 197lbs. ,BF% is around 10-11%,and I'm 23 years old. I've been lifting for 3 years naturally, I guess that ends today. I've been doing Arnold's basic level 1 routine for the last 5 months and have been making substantial gains although in the last couple weeks I've started to plateau in some areas. I guess my genetics weren't quite as good as Arnie's Here's a couple stats from my most recent workout to give a reference point for future strength gains. I do a 12,10,8,6 pyramid for most lifts with the exception of deads and SLDL's(10,6,4) and squats(5x5) so these numbers aren't max lifts. This isn't my entire workout but I figured I'd show one lift for each body part.

    DB flat bench:6x200lbs.***
    T-bar rows:6x155lbs.
    Arnold Press:6x120lbs.***
    Standing BB Curls:6x100***
    Dips: Bodyweight +100lbs.
    Donkey Raises:15x250lbs.

    ***These are lifts that I have recently plateaued on.

    As for my cycle and supplementation:

    On Cycle Schedule:
    • Weeks 1&2:
      • SD:10mg/10mg
      • Milk Thistle:1 capsule
      • Celery Seed:2 capsules
      • Red Rice Yeast w/CoQ10:1 capsules
      • Flax Seed Oil:1 tblspn
    • Weeks 3&4:

      • SD:20mg/20mg
    PCT Schedule:

    • Weeks 1&2: Nolva 40/20mg; Milk thistle, Celery seed, RRY
    • Weeks 3&4: Nolva 20/20mg, RXT: 25/50mg; Milk thistle, Celery seed, RRY
    • Week 5: RXT:50mg; Milk thistle, Celery seed, RRY
    I just started my cycle about 10 minutes ago so its not too late to make small, last minutes changes and I'm definitely open to any suggestions about PCT, which I view as the most important phase in this process.

  2. **EDIT**nvm lol.

  3. Day 1: Monday 5-24-05

    Obviously not much happening in the gym two hours after my first dosing. Monday is chest and back day for me and although I went up on wide grip pullups, rows, and deads, these are lifts that I've been progressing on regularly so I don't credit SD with these gains. I did however start to notice the diuretic effects of the drug throughout the day. I need to get a tv in my bathroom or something since apparently I'll be spending alot of my time in there for the next week or so If you want to see my full journal I keep it on BB.com(flame away): http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...8&page=7&pp=30
    I keep a more detailed account of my lifting and supplementation on that journal so if you're really interested in my history and future progress look there. I'll post that link in all my posts for this log to make it easier.

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