cycle advice. counter bloat and up libido.

  1. cycle advice. counter bloat and up libido.

    weeks 1-2: 10mg m1t
    weeks 1-6: 250mg 1test/ 350mg 4ad
    With a cycle like this, have any of you added any compounds (non ph) to counter bloat and up libido while on cycle? If so, what did you use and how did it go?

  2. To counter bloat, you might consider arimidex (or the stronger letrozole). Nolvadex also helped keep bloat down for me. However, 4AD is the wettest compound I have ever used, and only stopping it really helped me dry out.

    Some people also recommend an herbal (meaning kind of weak) diuretic like dandelion root. Caffeine can also help to ease bloat. Don't forget about modifying your diet considerably. You go high carb, you may look like the goodyear blimp for awhile. Lower calories and low cho definitely left me looking a bit less puffy. M1T may have quite the appetite suppressive effect on you.

    With 4AD in there, I can't think of adding anything else that would match the strong libido I get from it. Definitely have to watch it when the wind blows or you may get embarrased.

  3. haha.

    Thanks a lot really appreciate it.

    Any other opinions?

    I think i may grab some arimidex to run the last 3 weeks. See how it goes.
    I usually dont bloat TOO much. Im not really a cut guy, just isnt in my genes. But we shall see.

    I will be running rebound xt/nolva pct with flax, zma, and maybe some dhea.


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