qalabim's sd log

  1. qalabim's sd log

    So I am going to be keeping my log of sd. First cycle of anything that I have ever done. Really have only used creatine and protein until now.
    BF% ?-pretty lean, was a swimmer in college and have always been pretty skinny but cut.
    I am using a max-ot workout that looks like this

    And the reason that there is no legs is because I need surgery on my knee, I have some torn cartilage and I was doing legs but my knee was killing me so I had to cut it from workouts till I get it fixed.

    After the first 3 days in I am up 3lbs already which is cool. I haven't really seen any strength gains but it is still early and I acually just changed my routine so it is different, so that may have contributed as well.

    Hoping to do 3 weeks on and 4 weeks off then another 3 weeks on. PCT was going to be RXT but now I am not so sure, maybe nolva now.
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  2. Good luck man

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