Starts Saturday April 30th-will update every 2 weeks.


204lbs, around 11% bf


Mass, Mass, Mass

Cycle itself:

Weeks 1 thru 20: 750 mg Test Enanthate weekly
Weeks 1 thru 5: 50mg Dianabol daily
Weeks 1 thru 8: T1-pro TD(166.668mg of 1-Test, 333.336mg of 4-AD daily)--I'm doing this to get rid of powders instead of throwing them away
Weeks 3 thru 13: 600 mg Deca Durabolin weekly
Weeks 10 thru 20: 50mgs Proviron daily
Weeks 13 thru 20: 400mgs Trenbolone Enanthate weekly
Weeks 12 thru 22: 500ius HCG weekly-split into 2 injects

Weeks 22 thru 28: PCT protocol

Will try to consume at least 300grams of protein daily and try to push that up to 400grams when I can.

Plan to eat at least 5500 calories per day, more if I can.