4 month cutting cycle

  1. 4 month cutting cycle

    Right now i have stopped usp CAmp for about 3 weeks and have been using sesathin fish oils and a multi. I just added in thermal rage as a thermogenic to help get rid of the last bit of fat for summer.
    So far it seems to provide a smooth focused energy, as opposed to a jittery feeling like i get from redline, or ephedrine stacks. I was actually worried about niacin flush because I usually feel it pretty quickly but for some reason it doesnt seem to be a problem.

    workout wise i am doing a circuit style workout, while on a low carb diet.

  2. today is my third day and even though I ended up staying up all night I was still able to do a good workout. I have also noticed that i seem too be losing decent water weight and vascularity is definately up

  3. so far ive been following the same diet for about 3 weeks with average weightloss at about 1 pound a week. With the inclusion of thermorage i have lost 4 pounds. I do think that some of it must be water weight but i am definately allot leaner especially in the abs.

  4. Keep it up man. I need to start to cut very very soon

  5. its been about a week since the last update, and allot of things have come up so i havent been working out as much as I used to . My diet has been the same though and i still lost a lb. So this is definately helping with my fat loss

  6. I got everything back in order diet and workout wise, which let me drop 3 pounds this week. Usually around this time I start laggin on my workouts and getting pretty bad cravings, but this is definately helping with my workouts and appetite surpression. For the price, I think i will prolly just do another bottle with sledge's melting point .


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