Starting T1-pro 4-week cycle

  1. Starting T1-pro 4-week cycle

    Right now I have 16 inch arms, 16 inch calves, 24 inch thighes, and am awaiting my caliper to get my bodyfat tested. I am going the four weeks on four weeks off. I weigh 180 lbs right now and am 5'7. Should get it soon, I ordered it last week. I will keep everyone posted how it works for me.


  2. What's your diet like? Never mind the ph's.

  3. Good luck bro will be starting mine this week as well

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  4. your attachment doesn't work....... cant load drawing.

  5. my diet is I get up and have 8 egg whites one yoke, a bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of flax seed oil, a few hours later a protein shake with strawberries and a banana in it, then I have a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, then a grilled chicken breast with a cup of mixed vegetables, and another protein shake after I weightlift.

  6. wait I have nonfat cottage cheese with yogurt with both my tuna sandwich and my chicken breast and I eat my homemade wheat bread for the sandwiches, and I drink between 1-2 gallons of water a day.

  7. need more cals

  8. Originally posted by scotty2
    need more cals
    at least double

  9. I have been cutting for the past 6 weeks so I have been at around 2500 calories, when I start this cycle, like everyone else has said u you need to be at least to 3500 for some serious gains, I will add in pasta with the chicken for more carbs and more venison stew and such for added to two of the meals and that will get me close to 3500 calories, my protein shakes are between 500-600 calories each with the strawberries and bananas in there mixed with orange juice. What else should I add to my diet then?

  10. Sorry, if I'm going to critique, I should offer some advice along with it.
    I counted your calories and it's anywhere from 1400-1800 and the number is so small because you seem afraid to eat anything bad. At your body weight you should be bordering 4000. You shouldn't be so afraid of egg yolks. I don't throw mine out anymore and I would suggest you keep at least 3 of them. I also supplement a few tablespoons of EV olive oil a day along with flax.
    It also looks like your getting 200-220 grams protein max. I would bump it a minimum 150 grams a day while you're on.

  11. so in other words just eat, eat, and eat when I am on this stuff, and make sure I get enough good fats and lots of protein, thanks rage, I will bump up my diet and add mor eof those yolks to my morning omelete.


  12. 50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat

  13. It appears from your eating habits, which are good BTW, you don't want minimal bodyfat (who doesn't). I would just go crazy with the carbs and protein during the daytime. At nightime (or your last 5-6 waking hours), I'd switch it to fat and protein with minimal carbs. Just make sure you get 40+ protein each meal. That wouldn't be overload in your normal diet, so it certainly isn't while you are on cycle. Actually it would be for some people because they don't drink enough water, but you're okay there.

  14. I am now on my 3rd day of using t1-pro, have noticed added energy so far and just waiting for my strength to go up. I have added 2 lbs so far in 3 days, probably just water weight. I have really dry skin since being on it, does everyone else get this problem? my hands get really dry and my face seems to be getting a little dryer too, anyone get this? I just figured a moisturizer would help remedy this.

  15. Well its officially one week being on t1pro and my strength is going up, and weight is at 184 up four lbs from 180 when I started, I can't wait to see what I am like after 2 weeks, and the 3rd and 4th will be amazing if it keeps up like this, I have been eating a ton and boy is it hard to force myself to scarf down 4000 calories. Wille check my bodyfat this weekend again. and take measurements.

  16. I have one more day on t1pro then I will start taking my 6oxo and creatine to make sure I keep up my muscle strength and size. I am t 187 lbs now and I started at 180 lbs. I have lost fat too as I can tell from my abs and such. My strength has skyrocketed and just keeps going up, can't wait for the second 4 week run in 4 weeks, will be awesome.

  17. I did get my bodyfat tested after the cycle and it was down to 8%, dropped from 14%, and I gained 7 lbs from 180 to 187 in that first 4 week cycle, so I gained quite a bit of muscle, can't wait till I start my 2nd 4 week cycle at the end of this month

  18. I am still at 187, I can't wait for my next cycle that starts on May 4th, I can't wait to get back counting down the days till the second 4 week cycle begins

  19. Originally posted by kranden
    I have really dry skin since being on it, does everyone else get this problem? my hands get really dry and my face seems to be getting a little dryer too, anyone get this? I just figured a moisturizer would help remedy this.
    Be careful with using moisturizers-might screw with absorption. Go to the drugstore, and get some glycerol. After your T-1 dries, apply a little diluted glycerol to the area. Works great for me, as my skin has a tendency to dry out as well.


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