5 Week T1 Cycle

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    5 Week T1 Cycle

    I will be starting a second cycle of T1 in a few days. I plan to do 570mg 4ad and 285mg 1 test per day (two bottles). I have also ordered some liquid clomid for post cycle. I'll be aiming for >4500 calories a day...about as clean as McDonalds dollar menu can be.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I've heard of liquid clomid, but never tried it...have you? I am also known for making frequent stops at Mc Ds....Wendys and Jack n the Crack for their dollar menus. LOL! Good luck with your cycle, keep us posted.

  3. hemotep
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    Nope, never tried it, only heard good things...and for less than $30, its worth a try.

  4. Both liquid clomid and liquid novladex are stellar products and like Hemo said, cheap....

    Good luck with the cycle brother...
  5. hemotep
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    Weighed in this morning at 172 in my banana hammocks. Measurements are:
    Bi's- Just over 15"
    waist- 30"

    And one last pic of my puny ass frame ,(took just a minute ago) for old times sake.
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  6. hemotep
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    Just a quick update...it will be one week Tomorrow (3/11) but I am already up 3-4 pounds. Havent really noticed much of a strengh increase. As far as sides go...the gel makes my skin peel like crazy...turning red, and burns more (longer) than it did last cycle...but that is it.

    My diet still sucks...barely getting over 3,000 calories, but I'm workin on that.
  7. hemotep
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    I dont know if the 4 or so pounds Ive put on has made the difference, but in the last couple of days of work I've had several ppl comment on how I look bigger..or how my shoulders seem wider or just "thicker". Its all good though.

    Anyway...did chest last night and strength is also up. Normaly I can dumbbell press 95lbs 3, maybe 4 times. I got the 100's up 3 times...would have been four but my left hand was cramping and I had to drop the db.

    Also, doing dumbbell side raises (for delts): did 27.5lbs for 8 reps...before could only do 25lbs for 5-6 reps. Dumbbell shrugs with the 120's was also easier...12 reps now, 8 reps before. Im sure some of the strength has got to be do to my attitude...but I consider the gains pretty good no matter what they are form.

    Pumps are almost painfull...and burning...but thats cool too.

    I may cut this cycle short..into 4 weeks...and just do 14 squirts a day my last week if the skin problem continues. Im dry, scab-like patches on my upper chest and delts..and have avoided putting the lotion on those areas the last couple of days.

    All is good though.
  8. hemotep
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    2nd week. Weight really has changed that much, maybe up 1 or 2lbs. Strength has went up a bit too. Last week I was dumbbell pressing the 100's 3 times, got them 5 and half tonight. 120's for shrugs were also easier.

    Side Effects: The red patches, lesions whatever they are still there, not quite as bad, but still ugly looking. Libido is up considerably, nuts are shrunk considerably as well. Lethargy has been hitting me hard the past few days as well, and i always seem to be sore more than unusual.

    All in al, everything is good.

    Another pic, taken today.
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  9. Lookin good Hemo, have you upp'd thoughs cals yet bro? Probably the reason your gains have been slow if you haven't. Might want to try bumping thoughs suckers up to 3500 or even 4000 for your last 2 weeks.

    BTW How tall are you Hemo?
  10. hemotep
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    Havent really increased the cals much, just cleaned my diet up a tad...only eating at mcdonalds or burger king once a day now. Still in that 3000 range. After I go grocery shopping and stock up on easier to fix food I should be able to get up to 4000 a day.


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