Hey fellas I plan on taking IBE labs GHRP-6. The anatgonist.
I am running my cutting cycle right now.
Cycle Info:
150mg a week of tren acetate
250mg a week of NPP
250mg a week of sust.
20mg daily of nolv.
1-2mg daily of armid.
DNP on nontraining and cardio days (Wed, Sat, Sun)
T3 - 2 days on 2 days off (25-125mcg/daily)
Clen - 2 days on 2 days off (20-80mcg/daily)
ECA - 2 days off 2 days on (1-2 tabs of superiors ECA)
Weight train M,T, Th, Fri
Light cardio (15-20min) tues, friday
Long cardio (60min) wed and sat.
LENGTH: 8-12 weeks depends on how I feel at week 8 and 10.

A. When should I add my GHRP I was thinking around week 3?
B. Is it intramuscular or subQ
C. Can I use a 25g needle?
D. Does site injections work with this like real GH? I wanted to
shoot in abdomen area if so.
E. How much a day for maximum fat loss?
F. When during the day is it best to take for max. fat loss?

I have two bottles of GHRP (1mg/bottle)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again fellas. If you need
more info let me know. Hope I didnt ask any stupid questions