my cycle so far

  1. my cycle so far

    just wanted to drop you guys a note to tell how i'm doing on my cyle so far. well started out using transdermal mix of curt2gos using 1test, 4ad, 19nordiol. the transdermal and me didn't get along so i capped my powder and doing it unfortunately oral. currently i'm doing 1 test 400 mg 4x's a day, 4ad 800mg 4 x's a day, 19nordiol 400mg 4 times a day. currently at approx. 3000 to 3500 cals. supplementing meals with 2 cans tuna per day and 4 whey protein shakes per day with 50gms protein. haven't lifted in 2 months do to shoulder injury. just started again with start of this cycle. started out 203. now just starting week 3 wt 216. surely this has to be water wt. don't know. do know every time i wt i'm heavier. will keep you posted.

  2. Up the calories bro..20x to 25x bodyweight is what you need when using androgens or PHs

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