may cycle - test en,adrol, tren

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  1. may cycle - test en,adrol, tren

    Curious of peoples feedback on how this next cycle looks. Also, gonna be another ginny pig with the oral administration of the finaplex pellets

    for those who do not know my stats, one could do a search and find pics search "realsoundjim"

    5'6" 162 pounds 9-10% bodyfat (apporximate)

    12 week cycle:
    week 1-12 500 mgs test enanthate split 2X per week
    week 1-2 frontload the test en with 4 shots of sustenon to take advantage of the short and medium esters for a little bit of quicker build up during first few slower weeks of cycle (following big cat's advice) EDIT - WAS NOT ABLE TO FRONTLOAD COULDNT FIND SUST
    week 1-4 50 mg's anadrol (would it be better to split the pill and take 2x per day?)
    weeks 7-13 finalplex ORALLY 240-300mgs (12-15 pellets/day split 2x a day) assuming a conversion of 20-25% i would estimate that would be an amount that equals to about 60 mg's of tren per day in the body

    not first cycle. have used AS and prohormones in the past
    as always, nolva on hand as well as clomid and will use the standard post cycle therapy dosages. may also incorporate des. sups. REBOUND for pct as i know the shutdown from this cycle will probably be hard

    i usually like to keep my dosegaes on the lower end of the spectrum being that i am not over 200 pounds and i also value a safety stance as well. (well, i don't think the anadrol is the safest compound, but i will keep dose low)

  2. I would say 100mgs anadrol is probably going to work better for you (if you're looking for a serious mass drug). If I ever run drol again it'll be at about 200mg/day for 4 weeks max, this time with some catopres on hand since drol gave me crazy high blood pressure.

    Also, just do the conversion man, way more effective, and tren acetate actually makes test e injections totally pain free, no soreness at all unless you put too much oil in a small muscle. You could do 1/2 mL test 1/2 mL tren EOD and it'd work great.

  3. Smile

    hey thanks for the feedback, man. most appreciated. As for the anadrol at 50 , its my first time with it so i wanna keep it somewhat low until i know what i am dealin with, and also, yes im lookin to put on the mass with it, but not just a huge blow up doll so thats why i was thinking about keeping the drol on the lower side of things. and yea, i hear you on doing the conversion with the tren. its just such a pain in the ass thinkin about doing shots every day or even every other day. after researching the oral aspects of the pellets i've seen that some people have had success and i figure well, why can't I. but yes i know im takin a chance, but at the same time im thinkin that you can't deny the numbers. with a 20 % oral bioavailablilty you just ingest 5times the pinned amounts worth of pellets and what then goes into ur system , in theory, should be the same as if you pinned. i say, in theory, again. but i think for now i will be the guinea pig. i will give detailed reports of how things go and if it works as I am sure that many will be interested. thanks for the inputman most appreciated

  4. Hurry up and start this cycle!!! You can start a couple weeks early everyone else does lol (along with me) I am really looking forward to following this log.

  5. i know i'm getting antsy for this too, but im holding back till may 15th to make sure my body is back to normal from the last cycle. time on equals time off so ima try to stick to it. plus i wanna time it right so the entire cycle really encompasses the entire summer. ya got 6 more weeks to wait! lol

  6. revision to the original plan - i had wanted to frontload with sust or omnni the first week or 2 but i cannot get my hands on any sust. i will try though i got a lil time b4 i start

  7. good luck with that cycle'll be a good one

  8. here we go fellas! ok, 5 days in up 2 pounds. i know any weight increase in these next 3 weeks will be from anadrol and not the test. water weight mostly i bet. either way im happy notice an increase in appetite already. nothing else major as of yet. will kepp you all posted as things progress

  9. I don't know about at 50mg/day but at 100 or 150 I'd say expect anadrol to kill that appetite in about about a week and a half to two weeks.

  10. really, so the anadrol will kill appetite eventually? will this hinder gains . i will make a conscious effort to keep my food intake at the appropriate level.

  11. day 9 still up about 4 pounds. strength is really coming out the past few days. really feel the strength affects. can tell body compostion is changing a little too. i can see it in the mirror already. still, i feel this is all due to the anadrol. still waitin for the test to kick in

  12. just curious as to what i can expect with the anadrol. its extreme effects should be felt within 2 weeks or so, yes? i should be feeling amazing strength and then by weeks 2 and 3 really see the scale jump (water) im takin for 5 weeks, which i figure around the 4th week the test should be kicking. am i correc\t? then at week 8 i will be starting the fina, is that about the same 2 weeks to kick in aprox? just wanna know exactly what to epect and others experiences with similar stuff thanks (remember my dosages are very modest)

  13. After 2 weeks, your strength should be pretty noticeably up. With the test, it just kinda comes on slow and then all of the sudden you will realize it is there. The fina for me took around 3-4 weeks to really have some noticeable gains going on.

  14. The anadrol will cause rapid gains in strength from about day 4 or 5. The test and tren seem to me to accelerate my own natural accumulation of strength, but I don't notice a sudden JUMP in strength like I would on anadrol or dbol (dbol causing the most rapid accumulation of strength of anything I've done).

  15. If you decide to up the dose on the drol you might want to invest in an AI. At 100mg up to 150mg; drol blew me and destroyed my appetite. I would think the AI would help you keep your hunger by deminishing the bloat; if you are at all worried.

  16. day 16 well since day 14 i have decided to up the dose of dol to 100mg's. What i have noticed for the past week now is INCREDIBLE strength gains. I am already close to breaking previous recorde from the END of my last cycle! Oddly enough the scale only shows a 5 pound increase in my weight. Maybe im a weirdo that isnt retaining water, maybe its too early, maybe me incrreasing to 100mgs will be the catalyast. we'll see.BUT wut i do notice is my shirts are defnitely tighter BY FAR. i AM VERY CONSCIOUS OF THESE THINGS LOL i notice the arms are much tighter i the sleeves. I mean wen i look in the mirror i noticeably just look larger. so **** the scale i cuold care less. well, ok so i do wanna see the numbers move a lil more lolol anyways, my theory right now is first comes the strenght then comes the size, right. i guess if im not bloating froom water that in and of itself to some is a good thing. except i must say my joints are KILLING

  17. Drol is potent ****. Didn't work as well as the dbols for me though...

  18. is this startin to sound like some of other peoples experience so far. i attest all so far to drol, being the test hasnt had enuff tine ti kik in yet

  19. Quote Originally Posted by realsoundjim
    test hasnt had enuff tine ti kik in yet

  20. that's one side effect of the drol I'm glad I didn't get

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    lol oops thats wut happens wen ur in a rush lol it was supposed to say the test haddnt had enuff time to kick in yet lol

  22. Looks like a cool cycle. Wouldn't mind doing something similar myself in the future. How much mass are you planning to get out of this thing? I take it you are all out bulking more or less? Hope the oral administration works out, especially if it turns out to be a money saver.

  23. well it is somwhat of a bulkker but i think the fina at the end will help lean me out, As for what i expect, well im not sure, i do have high hopes for major mass but at the same time i stay relatively lean with anabolics sooo i may not put on sheer size, but however i may have quality muscle. either way i will be happy. As for the oral administarion of the fina it is defnitely NOT a money saver it costs like 6 times as much because u have to take that much more fina to equal the amount the body gets from injection. it is a time, and headache saver. but we'll see just how true it is for oral administration

  24. lovin the log bro

  25. update day 21 - up another 2-3 pounds from last weigh in so far up 7-8 pounds. 8 pounds in 3 weeks isnt bad at all, however i thought it would be a lil more, anyways, i attribute this all to the adrols. i have 2 more weeks of them so hopefully i can pack on another 7 pounds b4 i stop them. i have noticed INSANE strength increases as well as even more body composiition changes wehn i look in the mirror. also, everyone that sees me says something like "wow, dude, lookin bigger" etc or some actualy say "are you taking stuff?" my mom reven asked me if i have been taking steriods lol so yea, i guess things are starting to become noticeable. this passed week has been the most increase in weight so far so hopefully it will keep going up. will keep posted on how things progress. can't wait for the test to really kick in. should be next week or so i am assuming


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